Thoughts Sermon Illustrations

Thoughts Sermon Illustrations

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Our Thoughts

Our thoughts make us. They are the silent builders on the temple of character we are rearing. They give color and form to the whole building.

If we think truly, we are rearing a fabric whiter than Parian marble. If our thoughts are evil, the fabric that is rising within us is blemished.

The inner and the outer life will always correspond in the end. A bad heart will work through to the surface.

If a man's life is righteous you know his thoughts are just; unjust thoughts will never yield righteousness in conduct.

Thoughts seem mere nothings, flecks of cloud flying through the air, flocks of birds, flitting by, and gone. But they are the most real things about our life.

Our thoughts fly out like birds, and take their place in the world. Then our heart is still their home-nest, whither they will return at last to dwell.—War Cry.

"What Think Ye of Christ?"

Youth: Too happy to think—time yet.

Manhood: Too busy to think—more gold.

Prime: Too anxious to think—worry.

Declining years: Too aged to think—old hearts harder get.

Dying bed: Too ill to think—weak, suffering alone.

Death: 'Tis too late to think—the spirit has flown.

Eternity: Forever to think — God's mercy past. Into hell I am righteously cast. Forever to weep my doom!

Accept Christ today!

"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved."—Selected.

A Recipe for Health (Phil. 4:8)

"We do not advance upward unless we yearn upward,"' it has been said. Our thoughts shape our lives. We grow little or big by the ideals we cherish and the thoughts upon which we dwell.

"Avoid worry, anger, fear, hate, and all abnormal and depressing mental states," said an eminent authority on health. This victory over harmful thoughts cannot be achieved by suppressing these feelings, but by supplanting them with right thinking which is becoming to the followers of Jesus Christ, and which is the outgrowth of a close walk with the Lord.—Gospel Herald.

As We Think

The mind is like a crowded street
Where phantom thoughts, like people, meet:
Some hard at work, some idle are,
Some stay at home, some wander far.
Some thoughts wield power that ever lives-
A power that inspiration gives,
While others dwell with us awhile,
Then pass, as transient as a smile.
Thus come and go these thoughts of Ours,
Some, perfume-laden as the flowers,
While others sear our lives with blight
And bring no pleasure or delight.
Our thinking lifts us to the stars,
Or seals our hearts with prison bars;
Confers on us both joy and strife,
For as we think we fashion life.—Daniel Maurice Robins, in War Cry.

Thoughts Form Character

Every traveler should visit the mammoth caves of Kentucky and other parts of the South. Here one can see enormous pillars which have been formed by the steady dropping of water from the roof of the cavern. This masonry, formed of solid rock, made by the slow and silent process of nature, is truly marvelous. A single drop of water, finding its way from the surface down through the roof of the cave, deposits its sediment and another follows it and still another, each adding its imperceptible contribution, until the icicle of stone begins to grow, ultimately reaching the pillar which likewise has been forming on the bottom of the cave. It becomes a massive pillar which will stand until the end of the world.

There is a process just like that going on in each one of our hearts. Each thought that stirs for a moment sinks into the soul; as each little drop of water, with its limestone deposit, makes its contribution to the pillar in the cave. Other thoughts follow and yet others, until a habit of thought along a given line of reasoning, arousing similar emotions, is formed, erecting within our hearts monuments of purpose or pillars of ambition that have to do with our characters.

Character is the result of thought. Think high, and you will live high. Whether our lives shall be full and helpful, or cruel and hurtful, depends upon our thoughts. A good way to have clean, noble thoughts is to rise early each day and carefully read and study God's Holy Word, then wait before Him, letting the Word grip mind and heart.—Pentecostal Testimony

When you stop to think, don't forget to start again.

There are men who can think no deeper than a fact.—Voltaire

If you're a thinker, you're unique among your fellow men for it is estimated that 5% think, 10% think they think and 85% would rather die than think.

Thou man a thinking being is defined,
Few use the grand prerogative of mind.
How few think justly of the thinking few,
How many never think who think they do.—Jane Taylor

A child, asked how he happened to think of something, said, "I got a kick in the mind and it said itself."—Lincoln Steffens, Education Digest

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