Threats Sermon Illustrations

Threats Sermon Illustrations

Chrysostom, summoned before the Roman Emperor Arcadius, and threatened with banishment, is said to have replied: 'Thou canst not banish me, for the world is my Father's house.'

`Then I will slay thee,' exclaimed the Emperor wrathfully.

Nay, but thou canst, for my life is hid with Christ in God.'

`Your treasures shall be confiscated,' was the grim reply.

`Sire, that cannot be. My treasures are in heaven, as my heart is there.'

`But I will drive thee from men and thou shalt have no friends left.'

`That you cannot do either, sire, for I have a Friend in heaven Who has said, "I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee".'

(Acts 4. 17, 21, 29; 9. 1; Col. 2. 3)

The mother, who was a believer in strict discipline, sternly addressed her little daughter, who sat wofully shrinking in the dentist's chair as the ogre approached forceps in hand:

"Now, Letty, if you cry, I'll never take you to the dentist's again."

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