Titles Sermon Illustrations

Titles Sermon Illustrations

Titles of Christ

Forth from Zion's citadel
Who is this led out to die,
As those voices rise and swell
`Crucify! crucify!'?
Mocking rulers make reply,
'Christ the King of Israel.'

Simon whom they did compel
After Him to bear His cross,
Saw His anguish and could tell
How the soldiers dice did toss,
How He died to bear our loss—
Christ the King of Israel.

Hushed by every heart and tongue!
There, to save our souls from hell
He in agony is hung,
Numbered thus with thieves among.
'Twas for us—O mark it well—
Christ, the King of Israel.

Like a wounded wild gazelle,
Stricken sore and mortally,
From His parched lips there fell
Groans of dire extremity:
'Why hast Thou forsaken me—
Christ the King of Israel?'

Finished what the Scripture saith
And the prophet's words foretell:
Silenced now each infidel.
See! He bows His head in death,
And He yields His parting breath—
Christ, the King of Israel.

Here, beside His cross is found
Mercy without parallel.
This indeed is holy ground;
Let your sandals be unbound
While we linger near its spell—
Christ the King of Israel.

Praises be for what befell
On that dark and dreadful day.
Everywhere let people say,
'This our guilty fears can quell:
Christ has borne our sins away—
Christ the King of Israel.'

Hail we Him, Emmanuel,
Throned upon the royal tree,
Who in distant islands dwell;
And from henceforth none but
He Shall our God and Saviour be—
Christ the King of Israel.—R. Randall

(Mark 15. 32)

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