Trust Sermon Illustrations

Trust Sermon Illustrations

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A Million Testimonies

Shott's drug store in Galveston, Tex., was open continuously day and night for twenty-six years. At the close of this long period all their filled prescriptions were displayed, above them read this sign: "Trusted One Million Times." Daniel did not betray God's trust in him.—Courtesy Moody Monthly.

Greatness of Faith

Two Christians were once speaking of their experiences, and one said, "It is terribly hard to trust God and realize His hand in the dark passages of life." "Well, brother," said the other, "if you cannot trust a man out of your sight, he is not worth much; and if you cannot trust God in the dark, it shows you do not trust Him at all."—Courtesy of Moody Monthly.

Can We Hold Out?

I met an old Negro and asked him how long he had been serving the Lord. "Fifty years," he replied. "Well, Uncle," I said, "after keeping the faith for so long, you must feel pretty confident of holding out to the end." "Ah, Massa," he replied, "it's only a question of whether de Lord can hold on, and I reckons I can trust Him."—Sunday School Times.

What though my life with wintry cares be vexed,
On a kind Father's watchful love I rest,
He meets this moment's need, I leave the rest:
And always trusting shall be always blest.—Selected.

Without Any Props

A consecrated Christian worker writes in a personal letter to a friend; "The truth is, I have been pretty much worried by the financial situation, and yesterday the Lord sent peace into my heart, so that now I have that sweet assurance that He will provide in His own time... I have been learning that the kind of trust that God wants is when everything is gone and only God remains. It's no trick to trust the Lord when the props are still standing."—Sunday School Times.

When the Check is Paid in Full

Only the one who went all the way received the blessing. Says Russell Sewall: "I carried a check halfway to the bank. Did the bank therefore pay me half the value of the check? Nay; the bank didn't pay me a cent till I went all the way to the paying teller's window. And then the check was paid in full. Half-trust in God is no trust at all, and gets no reward; and that is why so many Christians lead flabby lives."—Christian Union Herald.

Trusting the Doctor

A medical man under conviction of sin, was visiting a patient who was saved and happy in the Lord. "Now," said he addressing the sick one, "I want you just to tell me what is—this faith in Jesus, and all that sort of thing that brings peace." His patient replied, "Doctor, I felt that I could do nothing, and I have put my case in your hands—I am trusting in you! This is exactly what every poor sinner must do to be saved—put implicit trust in the Lord Jesus." "Is that all," exclaimed the doctor, "simply trusting in the Lord Jesus? I see it as I never did before. He has done the work." "Yes, Jesus said on the Cross, 'It is finished' (John 19:30), and 'whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life' (John 3:16)." From that sick bed the doctor went away rejoicing in Christ.—Scattered Seed.

Trust Illustrated

A bridge builder named Scott a few years ago superintended the erection of a railway bridge in Crawford, Ind. When that bridge was finished, he knew every joint in it and what it would stand. When the time came to put it into use the engineer asked Mr. Scott, before venturing to drive his train across, "Is the bridge all safe?" By way of reply the bridge builder laid his own body under the new bridge and signaled the train to come on.

When it is evident that a minister iF trusting the same bridge into eternity that he recommends to others, it adds great weight to his testimony.—New Century Leader.


A visitor was once walking along a high part of the shore of the Dead Sea when he lost his balance and fell into the water. He could not swim and, in desperation lest he should sink and be drowned, he began to fling his arms about. At last he was exhausted and felt he could do no more. Then he found something happen: the water bore him up. The water of the Dead Sea is so heavy with salt and other minerals that when he lay still in it he found he floated on the surface. He could not drown so long as he resigned himself to the power of the deep. So too with us. There is a power beneath us and around us waiting to bear us up. We should cease from all our floundering and fruitless efforts and let the power of God undergird us.—R. H. W. Shepherd.

Joy in Trusting

"The Lord redeemeth the soul of His servants and none of them that trust in Him shall be desolate" (Ps. 34:22).

What a vast portion of our lives is spent in anxious and useless forebodings concerning the future, either our own or that of our dear ones! Present joys, present blessings, slip by, and we miss half their sweet flavor, and all for want of faith in Him who provides for the tiniest insect in the sunbeam. Oh, when shall we learn the sweet trust in God our little children teach us every day by their confiding faith in us? We, who are so mutable, so faulty, so irritable, so unjust: and He who is so watchful, so pitiful, so loving, so forgiving! Why cannot we, slipping our hand into His each day, walk trustingly over that day's appointed path, knowing that evening will bring us sleep, peace, and Home?—Phillips Brooks.

What Held Her Faith

"How did you feel, Auntie, while the horses were running down the hill?" "I trusted to Providence till the breeching gave way; then I shut my eyes and gave up for lost." The good woman in question was not the only Christian whose faith held only by a strap.—Dr. T. L. Cuyler.

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