Trust Sermon Illustrations

Trust Sermon Illustrations

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Whom Do We Trust Most?

A mature Christian man who has served the Lord truly and effectively for many years writes to a friend about a new work and new experiences that he is having. He says: "What a change! I think, also, that I am going to enjoy resting wholly on the Lord for daily needs. I never did it before in my life. I do not know where the rent for next month is coming from, but I am not worried at all. I am wondering why I have always slept better when some big (financial) man underwrites me, and a bit nervous when only the Lord says He will supply all my needs! Aren't Christians funny?"—Sunday School Times.

Simply Trusting

There is an easy, practical way to have faith. A minister said to an evangelist who was holding services in his church: "I have no faith in this matter, but I see it is in the Word of God and I am going to act on God's Word, no matter how I feel." And the evangelist replied, "Why, that is faith!" The Word of God is the secret of faith. "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." We do not attain or achieve faith, we simply receive it as we read God's Word...Many a child of God is failing to enjoy God's richest blessings in Christ because he fails to receive the gift of faith. He looks within himself for some quality that will enable him to believe, instead of "looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith."—Sunday School Times.

I Stoop

Into a dark tremendous sea of cloud,
It is but for a time: I press God's lamp
Close to my breast: its splendours, soon or late,
Will pierce the gloom: I shall emerge ere long!"—Browning.

He does not even watch the way.
His father's hand, he knows
Will guide his tiny feet along
The pathway as he goes.

A childlike faith! A perfect trust!
God grant to us today,
A faith that grasps Thy Father Hand
And trusts Thee all the way.—War Cry.

Until I learned to trust
I never learned to pray,
And I did not fully learn to trust
Till sorrow came my way.

Until I felt my weakness,
His strength I never knew;
Nor dreamed till I was stricken
That He could see me through.

(Ps. 34. 6; 56. 3, 11; Isa. 12. 2; 26. 4)

Have you lifted anchor and hoisted sail?
Does your ship sail out to sea?
Do you tremble at peril and dread the gale
Where the waves and winds are free.

Is your old sail salt with the frozen foam?
And grey as the seagull's wing?
Do you long for land and native home,
When the great waves clutch and cling?

O the sea of Faith bath storms, God knows;
And the haven seems very far,
But he is God's true child who goes
With his eyes on the polar star.

With his hands on the canvas, his foot on the ropes,
Filling each sail with wind and glee,
With dauntless courage and quenchless hopes
Sail the ships o'er the infinite sea.

And the Infinite Christ Who stilled the waves
On the Sea of Galilee.
Speaks a message of peace to each troubled heart
That sails o'er the infinite sea.

(Prov. 3. 5; Isa. 26. 4; Acts 27. 24, 25)

A trust is known by the companies it keeps.—Ellis O. Jones.

TOMPKINS—"Ventley has received a million dollars for his patent egg dating machine. You know it is absolutely interference-proof, and dates correctly and indelibly as the egg is being laid."

DEWLEY—"Is the machine on the market yet?"

TOMKINS—"Oh, my no! and it won't be on the market. The patent was bought by the Cold Storage Trust."

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