Unprincipled People Sermon Illustrations

Unprincipled People Sermon Illustrations

Captain Anything in the 'Holy War' was an accommodating creature, not much concerned about which side he served so long as it was safe. Dean Swift called a man of his type an 'Anythingarian', and Dante showed his regard for this unsatisfactory creature by giving the `Anythings' a very unpleasant place in his `Inferno'.

The man who takes sides may have his embarrassments, but the man who refuses to take sides does not escape embarrassments. He often finds that his neutral position only increases and aggravates them. 'Mr. Anything,' says Bunyan, 'became a brisk man in a broil, but both sides were against him because he was true to none.'—John Macbeath

Mr. Anything probably believes that—

'A merciful Providence fashioned him hollow
That he might the better his principles swallow.'

(Gal. 4. 9)

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