Voyage Sermon Illustrations

Voyage Sermon Illustrations

Guidance on Life's Voyage

The Captain of the ship is the man who might be supposed to know. He is a specialist. And Paul sets over against his nautical erudition the unsatisfying words, 'I perceive'. It is a case of Reason on the one hand and Revelation on the other.

That is the exact point at which the world has always missed its way. Adam believed the captain of the ship. Later Noah predicted a flood. Again the insistent voice of Revelation was scouted.

There can be no doubt about it. The unseen world is the triumphant world. The spiritual is, after all, the sane and safe. The only way of avoiding shipwreck in Church and State is clearly to pay heed to 'the things spoken by Paul'.—Dr. F. W. Boreham

(Acts 27. 10, 11)

Shipwreck and Its Cause

An old pilot, trusted and wise, one night many years ago, was taking his vessel up between the coasts of Wales and Ireland. He had been over the course innumerable times without disaster. This night, nearing port and home, he was running full steam ahead. With his keen eye he watched compass and chart. Suddenly with a sickening, crashing sound, on the hidden rocks went the vessel. Loss of life, loss of ship, marked the wreck. Later, in investigating the wreckage, close and interested examination revealed that someone, in seeking to clean or tamper with the compass, had slipped a thin knife blade into the compass box, near the needle, and the blade had broken off. That little piece of foreign steel was sufficient to deflect, though only slightly, the needle by which the clear-eyed pilot was steering the boat. When he thought he was on the true course, he was really rushing toward the rocks. Such a little thing—such a mighty wreck!

(1 Kings 13. 11-26; James 3. 4)

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