Waiting Sermon Illustrations

Waiting Sermon Illustrations

Waiting on the Lord

Frequently a merchant receives—a day or two ahead—a card from a firm of manufacturers or suppliers to this effect: 'Our Mr. — — will have the pleasure of waiting on you on such and such a day.' The commercial traveller arrives and waits, not outside the shop door, but inside. He sits or stands in the presence of the merchant, converses with him in a friendly way, and expects to receive an order for supplies. If he receives none, he takes leave and promises to wait on him again when the merchant's stock is less.

In exactly the same way God wants us to wait upon Him, not at a distance, but in His presence, within the veil.

(Isa. 40. 31; Prov. 8. 34; Heb. 10. 19)

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