Witnessing Sermon Illustrations

Witnessing Sermon Illustrations

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My Challenge to Laymen

My challenge to laymen is that when Christ said, "Go ye into all the world, and preach the Gospel," He did not mean only preachers but everyone who believed on Him as the Lord of Glory. The division between the clergy and the laity is a division of our own making, and was not instituted by Christ, nor was it evidenced in the early Church. They believed the word "Go" meant every man, and they obeyed the Lord's command. My challenge to you is for a return to this first century conception of Christianity where every believer is a witness to the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.—R. G. Le Tourneau, Peoria, Ill.

In the Elevator

We have a marvelous opportunity to witness for the Lord Jesus Christ in a way preachers cannot witness. In business we meet multitudes of people who never go to church. Peter Stain comes into my office occasionally. He came one morning, and we had a delightful time of fellowship. When he was leaving, another gentleman, an executive in a large utility company, who had been calling on one of the members of our firm, was leaving also, and they took the same elevator. The only occupants of the car were Mr. Stam, the gentleman, and the lady who operates the elevator. Mr. Stam never misses an opportunity to witness. He said to the elevator operator, as he was getting off, "I hope when you make your last trip it will be up and not down." The girl was so startled she swallowed her gum. He said, "My dear girl, I am getting on in years. I am seventy, and one of these days I am going to meet my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I hope I shall meet you there." She hasn't forgotten that.—Erling Olsen, in Moody Monthly.

Better Have a New One

Max I. Reich tells of a man who had a wonderful blessing in Christ. He wrote out the story of it and frequently used to read it to his friends. One day when a visitor came to his home he said to his wife: "Would you mind going upstairs and getting my blessed experience? I have not seen it for some time." When the wife returned she told him that the "blessed experience" had been chewed into small pieces by the mice. Do we not need to ask God to keep us fresh that our testimony may be ever new?—The King's Business.

Reluctant to Witness

A minister conversed with a man who professed conversion. "Have you united with the church?" he asked him. "No, the dying thief never united with the church and he went to heaven," was the answer. "Have you talked to your neighbors about Christ?" "No, the dying thief never did." "Have you given to missions?" "No, the dying thief did not." "Well, my friend," said the minister, "the difference between you two seems to be that he was a dying thief, and you are a living one."—Otterbein Teacher.

Keep Witnessing

The Countess of Huntington was walking in her garden one day where a workman was repairing part of the garden wall. She spoke to the man about his soul, but the word seemed to have little effect. Years after, while speaking to another workman she said, "Thomas I fear you have not looked to Christ for salvation." "Your ladyship is mistaken,' replied the workman, "I have looked and am saved." "How did it happen?" inquired the countess. "It was while you were speaking to James, my fellow workman, when we were repairing the garden wall." "How did you hear?" "I was on the other side, and heard your words through a hole in the wall." "Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God."—Selected.

Worship Witnesses

Genuine worship witnesses for Christ. Conversation on a Pullman was shockingly irreverent, and about gambling. A little fellow in wee pajamas, timidly kneeling at his berth, prayed with childish voice, "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep." Profanity ceased. Gambling conversation died into silence. Eyes of hardened men became moist. One rough man said, "I would like to know what that little fellow (worshiper) has that I have lost."—Gospel Herald.

Nailing His Colors to the Pole

When Captain Hedley Vicars was converted he resolved at once to fly his colors. He bought a large Bible and laid it openly on his table. "It was to speak for me," he said, "before I was strong enough to speak for myself." It spoke with effect, and many of his old companions made sport of his religion, or cut him for it. He stood by his guns, but not without trembling. "Would that I felt as little fear of being called a Christian," he said, "as I used to feel in being enlisted against Christianity." Yet trembling was not retreating, and he went straight on with his duties alike as a Christian and as a soldier. "Enable me, Lord Jesus," he prayed, "to please my colonel and yet to please Thee"—Sunday School Times.

Does Persistence Pay?

One of his officers gave me the secret of this pastor's success when he told me his own experience. He found himself out of a position and decided he would call upon the minister and see if he knew of any opening. It was Monday morning. When he knocked at the minister's home, he was ushered in and asked to sit in the living room, and told that the pastor would be right down. As he sat waiting the thought occurred—now when the pastor enters he will say, "Good-morning Brother. Are you saved this morning?" This was his usual greeting to the milkman, the grocer, and every one he met. "Well," said the inner voice to the waiting man, "you might as well settle it now and be saved, so you can say 'yes' when he asks you." The man dropped on his knees, cried out in repentance, and was born of the Spirit. Soon the pastor came in and said, "Good-morning, Brother. Are you saved this morning?" "I am," said the visitor. The pastor knew the man and was surprised. "When did that happen?" "Two minutes ago," was the reply. "I knew you'd ask me, so I got it all settled before you came in."—Selected.

Why the Women Were Prominent

Some years ago, Dr. H. H. Snell, an English Bible teacher of repute, was walking along a busy street with a brother in the Lord, when their attention was attracted to two women who were conducting a street meeting, giving out the Gospel to a great throng of both sexes. The unnamed brother, a rigid stickler as to the letter of the Word, turned to the Doctor and said, "What a disgusting thing to see those women so forgetful of their place, as to be preaching in public!" The venerable Dr. Snell replied, "My brother, it is because you and I are not there that God is using them."—Dr. H. A. Ironside, in Serving-and-Waiting.

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