Witnessing Sermon Illustrations

Witnessing Sermon Illustrations

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Ready Witnessing

An African slaveholder had in his employ a poor black boy who, having heard of the missionaries and their preaching, had a desire to go and hear about Christ. He crept away quietly one evening. But he had to pass by his master's window, and was seen by the slaveholder.

"Where are you going?" called the master.

The boy, trembling, answered, "Me go to hear the missionaries, Massa."

"To hear the missionaries indeed! If you ever go there, you shall have thirty-nine lashes and be put in irons."

The boy answered, "Me tell Massa—me tell the great Massa."

"What do you mean—tell the great Master?" asked the man angrily.

"Me tell the great Massa, Lord of Heaven, that Massa was angry with me because I wanted to go and hear His Word."

Greatly astonished, the master said, "Go along and hear them, then."

After the boy had gone, the master became restless and troubled. He had not thought that he himself had a Master in Heaven, who knew all that he was doing. He determined to follow the slave to the Christian service.

He stood in the rear of the little assembly and listened eagerly to the words of the missionary, who was preaching from the text, "Lovest thou Me?"

"Is there one poor slave here who loves Jesus Christ?" he asked. "One who dares to confess Him?"

The black boy sprang forward, and holding up both hands while tears coursed down his cheeks, cried out earnestly, "Yes, Massa, me do love Him! Me love Him with all my heart!"

The slaveholder went home still more astonished, but convinced of the power of the Gospel. As a result he gave his heart to God and lived a consistent Christian life.—Gospel Herald.

Putting in a Word for Jesus

Among others that came forward for special blessing at the close of a meeting for the deepening of spiritual life, in the north of London, was a lady who appeared to us to be far more concerned about her spiritual state than others did that had accompanied her. She was asked if it was pardon for sin she needed. "No," was the reply. "Then is it purity of heart that you are seeking?" "Oh! no," she sobbed again. "The reason that I have come forward is because I feel that I want power to put in a word for Jesus."—Dr. Thomas Payne.

How John Wanamaker Began the Christian Life

To Mr. Charles Alexander, Mr. Wanamaker told this story of his conversion: A salesman asked me if I wouldn't go to his church. I was at a prayer meeting there one night, where there were perhaps two hundred persons. It was a quiet, old-fashioned meeting. A handsome old man of about seventy years got up and, in the gravest way, said that he was just waiting for God to take him; that he had lived his life; that God had been good to him; and it was all summed up in the statement that religion was a good thing to DIE by. sat back, and I always had a great fashion of talking to myself. I said: "Well, old man, you can't touch me; you have lived your life; you haven't any sympathy with a big boy; it has passed over my heart!" Soon after, a young man got up. He was perhaps thirty-five, and he said: "You have heard an old man tell you that religion was good to die by. I want to tell you it is good to LIVE by. I have just begun the Christian life. Two years ago I was converted. I had just begun business, and I had had a prejudice against religion. They told me that a man had to have a face a yard long and could not smile or do anything that would make him happy. You see, I was deceived about that. I am a great deal happier since I became a Christian because it settled things. I am a better business man; a great load has rolled off my heart, and I can give myself more to my work!" I listened to him, and I said to myself : "There you are; you want to be a business man, and he tells you how you can be a better business man. He tells you that religion is good to live by. Another man tells you that religion is good to die by!" I said; "Suppose you were in court and heard two statements like that, would you believe them ?" "Yes," I replied to myself. "Well," I said, "do you intend ever to be a Christian?" "Yes," "Well, if it's a good thing, why don't you be it right away?" I said: "Yes, I WILL!" I waited in the meeting until everybody went out except the janitor and the old minister, and as he came down the aisle, he met a country boy coming up, and I was the boy. I simply said to him: "I have settled it tonight to give my heart to God." And he reached out his hand and said: "God bless you, my son; you will never regret it!" I didn't wait to get some feeling. I accepted the FACT that I was a sinner, and that there was a Saviour for sinners, and I came to Him simply on the proposition that the gift of God is eternal life!—Selected.

A Dumb Believer

"Well, I never knew before that you were a Christian," said one man to another in a Michigan logging camp, "though we've been on the job together here for two years. When the sky pilot was here last winter and talked with me about my soul, I told him if so clean a chap as you could get along without religion I believed I could take a chance on it myself." The silent Christian felt that he had been disloyal to Christ.—New Century Leader.

The Saved Bolshevist

A little Bolshevist girl had accepted Christ at a camp conference. A friend asked her what she would do when she got back to her Bolshevist home in Manitoba. "I'm afraid there isn't anything that I can do. The people would kill me if I tried to tell them about Jesus," she replied. "There are many who will spend their eternity in hell unless you show them the way to Heaven," explained her friend. She squared her shoulders, and with a look of determination said, "Yes, I am going back to tell them, no matter what it costs."—Courtesy Moody Monthly.

His Lesson on Swearing

Some time ago a client came to my office, a Southern gentleman who has approximately six million dollars of funds in our investments. During the course of the conversation he used my Lord's name in a way I didn't like, and I stopped him. "Please, sir, that name you just used is the most precious name I know anything about. I love it more than anything in this world, and I don't like to hear that name used in the fashion you did: I am a Christian." What do you think he said? "So am I. I teach a Sunday school class down South". "Well," I said, "you would not have guessed it in a thousand years," and something inside said to me, "Are you going to lose that contract?" Just recently I had in my office—the Southern gentleman, this time in company with his wife. He said, "This is the man who gave me such a thrashing when I was up here." She turned to me and said, "I am glad you did, because he deserved it. He has been a different man since."—Erling C. Olsen, in Moody Monthly.

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