Wonders Sermon Illustrations

Wonders Sermon Illustrations

Wonders of Old

The Seven Wonders of the ancient world were:

  1. The Great Pyramid

  2. The Colossus of Rhodes (overthrown by an earthquake)

  3. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

  4. The Temple of Diana in Ephesus

  5. The Statue of Jupiter in Athens

  6. The Halicarnassus (Mausoleum)

  7. The Pharos Lighthouse at Alexandria.

But God's Wonders of old far exceed any and all of these.

(Ps. 77. 11, 14; 105. 5; Dan. 4. 2, 3

Wonders of God's Works

Queen Elizabeth—known as Good Queen Bess—had as her motto, graven on some of her coins, the words in Latin, 'A Domino factum est istud et mirabile oculis noris'. The English
translation is: 'This is the Lord's doing and it is marvelous in our eyes.'

When she was told that she had become Queen of England, these were the words she uttered.

(Ps. 118. 23; Rom. 15. 19; Heb. 2. 4)

A Scottish botanist sallied forth to the moors one bright morning to study his favourite flowers. He plucked a heather bell and put it upon the glass of his microscope. Stretching himself on the ground, he began to scrutinize it through his microscope. Moment after moment passed, and still he remained there, entranced by the beauty of the simple flower. Suddenly a shadow fell on the ground beside him, and, looking up, he saw a tall weather-beaten shepherd gazing down with a smile of half-concealed amusement at the man who was spending his time looking through a glass at so common a thing as a heather bell. The botanist handed him the glass and bade him have a look.

The shepherd took the microscope and looked through it at the little flower, then rose with tears streaming down his weather-beaten face. 'Isn't it beautiful?' asked the botanist. 'It's beautiful beyond words,' replied the shepherd, 'but oh! the thousands of times I've trampled them under my feet.'

(Matt. 6. 28, 29)

Wonder of Wonders

Nathaniel Olson writes of how the world is full of wonders. There are wonders in nature, science, medicine, inventions. In fact, the world is one big wonder.

Salt is a wonder. When I think that salt is composed of two poisonous substances, I am filled with wonder.  How is it possible that salt, which is necessary to life, is composed of sodium and chlorine, either of which, if taken individually, would kill you? I can't answer it; neither can you. It's a wonder!

The alnico magnet is a wonder. It is the strongest magnet in the world, and yet it is composed of three nonmagnetic substances—aluminum, nickel and cobalt. Can it be explained? No. It's a wonder!

Water is a wonder. Its chemical formula is H2O. That means it has two parts of hydrogen for each part oxygen. Oxygen is flammable; hydrogen readily burns. Unite hydrogen and oxygen into water and you put out fires with it! That's another wonder.

Salvation is the wonder of wonders! How God can take a poor, vile, hopeless sinner and transform him into a respectable person is the greatest wonder on this earth. Is it happening? Yes, it's happening every day. On the skid rows of our cities, in wealthy and poor homes, in jungles, in Chinese houseboats; in fact, whenever any soul wants Christ, the wonder of the new birth is taking place. People who read and believe that Christ is the Saviour as revealed in God's Word are finding that they know the wonder of wonders.

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