Worm Sermon Illustrations

Worm Sermon Illustrations


When William Carey was suffering from a dangerous illness, he was asked, 'If this illness should prove fatal, what would you select as the text for your funeral sermon?' He replied, 'Oh! I feel that such a poor sinful creature is unworthy to have anything said about him; but if a funeral sermon must be preached, preach from the words, "Have mercy upon me".' He directed in his will that his tombstone should be inscribed:

Born—August 17, 1761. Died—
A wretched, poor and helpless worm,
On Thy kind arms I fall.

Dr. Jowett wrote, 'Could anything be in greater contrast than a worm and an instrument with teeth. The worm is bruised by a stone, crushed beneath a passing wheel. An instrument with teeth can break and not be broken. And the mighty God can convert one into another. The mighty God can make us stronger than our circumstances.'

(Gen. 18. 27; Isa. 41. 14, 15)

A country girl was home from college for the Christmas holidays and the old folks were having a reception in her honor. During the event she brought out some of her new gowns to show to the guests. Picking up a beautiful silk creation she held it up before the admiring crowd.

"Isn't this perfectly gorgeous!" she exclaimed. "Just think, it came from a poor little insignificant worm!"

Her hard-working father looked a moment, then he turned and said: "Yes, darn it, an' I'm that worm!"

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