Abstinence Sermon Illustrations

Abstinence Sermon Illustrations

One of the dashing soldiers of the Confederacy was the great cavalry leader "Jeb" Stuart, who was killed at Yellow Tavern in 1864 in battle with the troopers of Sheridan, and who, when he was dying, had members of his staff sing "Rock of Ages" to help him over the river. Someone proffered Stuart a flask of whisky to relieve him in his great suffering, but he would not drink of it, saying that he had promised his mother that he would abstain from strong drink.

One of the most outspoken Christians of the Union army was General O. O. Howard. When Howard came from the Army of the Potomac to join Sherman in die campaign from Chattanooga at Atlanta, many of the officers joked about his Christian ways and his total abstinence. On one occasion when one of the high generals was urging Howard to go with them and have a drink, and was twitting him with his peculiarity, Sherman, who was present and who himself was not noted for his piety, spoke up in his abrupt, severe manner: "Let Howard alone! I want one general in this army who doesn't drink."

Dr. Johnson was once urged to take "just a little wine." He replied, "I can't drink a little, my child, and therefore I never touch it. Abstinence is as easy for me as temperance would be difficult."

Many are today ruined because they do not have that same sound judgment.—Selected

Said an African wagon-driver, who had been a great drunkard: "I have never tasted liquor since the Lord opened my eyes."—Selected

"Don't you ever take wine?" said a hospitable host to a friend. "Are you afraid of it?"

"No," replied his wiser friend, "I am afraid of the example."—Selected

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