Addiction Sermon Illustrations

ADDICTION Sermon Illustrations

Infant Drug Addicts

From New York City—April 25, 1962—comes the tragic news that more than one hundred cases of narcotics addiction among newborn infants have turned up at Bellevue Hospital in the last two years.

"Of course, they get the drug while in the womb from their mothers who are addicts," explained Dr. Saul Krugman, head of pediatrics.

Dr. Lewis Thomas, chairman of the hospital's department of medicine, told a narcotics conference the infants display the symptoms of drug withdrawal and added: "Unlike the adult addict who gets over his symptoms of withdrawal in a matter of days in most cases, the infant has to be treated for weeks and months. The baby continues to show physical signs of the action of the drugs."

Krugman said the infants are treated with tranquilizing drugs.

Such news authenticates a statement I have made many times as I have spoken in many places over our land—the statement that some babies are as much damned into the world as born into it. How truthfully spoke one writer when these words came from his mind through his pen: "There are some hereditary strokes of character by which a family may be as clearly distinguished as by the black features of the human face."

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