Birth Sermon Illustrations

Birth Sermon Illustrations

The much-used revival evangelist, George Whitefield, two centuries ago preached frequently from the text, 'Ye must be born again'. One day someone said to him, `Mr. Whitefield, why do you preach so often about the new birth?' His immediate reply was, 'Because ye must be born again.'

(John 3. 1-7)

The little girl in the zo├Âlogical park tossed bits of a bun to the stork, which gobbled them greedily, and bobbed its head toward her for more.

"What kind of a bird is it, mamma?" the child asked.

The mother read the placard, and answered that it was a stork.

"O-o-o-h!" the little girl cried, as her eyes rounded. "Of course, it recognized me!"

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