Cards Sermon Illustrations

Cards Sermon Illustrations

A Christian evangelist, W. Romaine, was asked once to take a hand at cards. He immediately rose from his seat and uncovered his head. When the company asked him what he was going to do, he replied, 'I am going to ask God's blessing on the game.' `But,' they immediately exclaimed, 'we never ask a blessing on such occasions.' `Then', said he, 'I never engage in anything on which I cannot ask God's blessing.' That ended the game.

Travelling in a railway train with some men who were playing a game of cards, a Christian was asked to have a hand. `I'm sorry,' he said, 'but I have not my hands with me.' `What do you mean?' they asked, pointing to his hands. 'These are not mine,' he said, 'they belong to the Lord Jesus Christ. When they were mine I used to play cards. But since I yielded them to Christ, they are never employed in that way, for He has filled them for His service.'

(Lev. 8. 26, 27; Rom. 6. 13; 12. 1)

A Tennessee farmer went to town and bought a gallon jug of whiskey. He left it in the grocery store, and tagged it with a five of hearts from the deck in his pocket, on which he wrote his name. When he returned two hours later, the jug was gone. He demanded an explanation from the grocer.

"Simple enough," was the reply. "Jim Slocum come along with a six of hearts, an' jist nacherly took thet thar jug o' yourn."

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