Carpenter Sermon Illustrations

Carpenter Sermon Illustrations

'Is not this the carpenter?' In Mark 6. 1-6 three questions are asked, first as to the source of His words, then as to the nature of His wisdom, and then as to the meaning of His works.

A story is told of the days of Diocletian, the persecuting Emperor of Rome, that a Christian bishop was brought before Caesar who, in mockery, asked him, 'And pray, what is your carpenter doing now?'

The martyr replied, 'He is busy making a coffin for your Majesty and for your Empire.' The answer was true but it cost him his life.—H. St. John in Analysis of Mark's Gospel

While building a house, Senator Platt of Connecticut had occasion to employ a carpenter. One of the applicants was a plain Connecticut Yankee, without any frills.

"You thoroughly understand carpentry?" asked the senator.

"Yes, sir."

"You can make doors, windows, and blinds?"

"Oh, yes sir!"

"How would you make a Venetian blind?"

The man scratched his head and thought deeply for a few seconds. "I should think, sir," he said finally, "about the best way would be to punch him in the eye."

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