Children Sermon Illustrations

Children Sermon Illustrations

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Prayer To Bear Pain

In a Northern hospital a little girl was to undergo a dangerous operation. She was placed upon the table and the surgeon was about to give her ether.

"Before we can make you well, we must put you to sleep."

She spoke up sweetly, and said, "Oh, if you are going to put me to sleep, I must say my prayers first."

So she got on her knees and said the child's prayer, "Now I lay me down to sleep."

Afterwards, the surgeon said, he himself prayed that night for the first time in thirty years. No one can tell what power a little child has, even on those who are older in years.Selected.

Which Kingdom?

The teacher had been instructing the class about the three kingdoms of the universe, and to make it plain she said, "Everything in our schoolroom belongs to one of the three kingdoms, — our desk to the vegetable kingdom, our slates and pens to the mineral kingdom, and little Alice," she added, looking down at the child nearest her, "belongs to the animal kingdom." Alice looked up quite resentfully, and her eyes filled with tears as she answered, "Teacher, my mamma says that all little children belong to the Kingdom of Heaven."—Christian Herald.

Another Little Maid

Some years ago, a little Jewish girl in Russia learned large portions of the New Testament from a boy who had committed them to memory. One day upon the arrival of her father, after an absence, she ran to meet him, and said, "I do love Jesus; He loved little children." This angered the father, and he forbade her to speak on the subject again. Soon the child was stricken with scarlet fever, and the medical attendant gave no hope for her recovery. A gentile woman was called to nurse the child, as the Jews feared the fever. The woman quoted the verse of a hymn; and the father of little Deborah offered the death-bed prayer of the Jews. Then the child opened her eyes and repeated accurately the story of Jairus' daughter. When she finished her head fell back, and to all appearance she was gone. In an agony of mind the father fell down at the feet of Jesus and besought him, saying, "O Jesus, thou who didst raise up the daughter of Jairus, raise up little Deborah, and I will believe in thee as Israel's Messiah." That cry of agony was heard, and the child rose from her couch of death, and the Jewish family was converted to Christianity.—The Illustrator.

A Pioneer Sunday School's "Find"

About the year 1828 (possibly some years earlier) two young ladies were visiting in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, and while horseback riding saw little children playing in the road and asked them if they went to Sunday School. They had never heard of it; so the young women hunted up the mothers and asked them if the children could come if a place were found. On their ride they spied a new barn, and asked permission to have the children come there, planning to make seats themselves from new lumber that was there. The following Sunday they found quite a crowd of little boys and girls there, barefooted, bareheaded, and very dirty — all save one, a little boy about six, who was clean and who knew the Lord's Prayer. They followed up this work till they returned to Philadelphia in the fall. That was the first Sunday School in the Wyoming Valley. Thirty-five years later, one of the ladies, who had been married to a merchant named Gildersleeve, was walking in Philadelphia, when a gentleman stepped up to her and said, "Mrs. Gildersleeve, you do not know me, but I am little Johnny Hart of your Sunday School in the barn at Parsons. I am professor in a large school, have had over two thousand boys under my care, and have tried to teach every one of them the same lessons of faith in God and love to Him that you taught me in that barn." Sunday School World.

A Four-Year-Old's Gospel

Four-year-old Arthur was visiting his father's place of employment and chatting with some of the employees. "Mr. Job, where's your mother?" he asked, meaning the man's wife. "She's dead, Arthur, and in Heaven — I hope," replied the man. Noticing the doubt, the child at once, responded, "Well, Jesus died to save her, so she could go, anyway." Much impressed, the man related the incident to the child's father, adding, "Ah! if you and I had been taught that when we were his age we would be different men today."—Sunday School Times.

"I Never Heard Such Words Before"

A fourteen-year-old boy from a missionary school went to his friend's during what we call the Christmas holidays. He was in the village temple one afternoon when a feeble old man entered and passed from idol to idol, praying and offering incense sticks. The boy's heart was touched by the sight, but it would be impertinent for a boy to attempt to teach an old man. Yet, as he watched him, the tears rolled down his cheeks, and he was finally forced to go to the old man, and say: "Would you mind a boy speaking to you? I am young; you are very old." The man was not offended, and after some further conversation the lad told him the story of God's love. The man's heart was melted as he listened. "Boy," he said, "I am over sixty years of age, and I have never heard such words before." He took the lad home to dinner with him that his wife might hear the wonderful story. And these two people were led to the Saviour before they ever saw or heard of a missionary.Selected.

Carpets,—or Souls?

Recently, I read of a certain evangelical pastor of a fashionable city church who started a work among slum boys. He succeeded in getting a lot of them into the church parlors for meetings, and taught them the way of salvation. Unfortunately the boys soiled the parlor carpets and upholstery. The pastor was called before the church officers to give an account of the damage done. His defense was something like this: "Brethren, when called to give an account to my Master, what shall I say? — `Here, Lord, is the church with which thou didst entrust me. It is in good shape. The church parlor carpets and chairs are as good as new, all nice and clean. May He not say to me, `Where are the souls which I sent you to win for me? Where are the boys?"—Sunday School Times.


Perhaps the strongest love of a Christian friend is that which impels him to speak to another of his Saviour.

Gypsy Smith says that when he was converted he immediately became anxious for the conversion of his uncle. Among gypsies it was not considered proper for children to address their elders on the subject of duty, and so the boy just prayed, and waited for God to open the way.

One day his uncle noticed a hole in his trousers, and said, "Rodney, how is it that you have worn the knees of your pants so much faster than the rest of them?" "Uncle, I have worn them out praying for you, that God would make you a Christian," and then the tears came, of course. Nothing more was said, but the uncle put his arm around the boy, and drew him close to his breast, and in a little while was bending his knees to the same Saviour.

When we wear our clothes thin in praying for others we shall not find it hard to speak to them if the opportunity occurs.— New Illustrator.

Boy Patriot Prevents Bridge Demolition

From Time (Sept. 25) we quote the following:

"Near the town of Boom, in Belgium, the Germans fled across the last bridge still standing over the Rupel River. Rear guards clambered under the bridge, set dynamite charges, began to string a detonating wire to a safe distance, a minute or two away. But they had been seen. A patriot slipped out from his hiding-place in the bushes, ducked under the bridge, whittled at the wire with his pocket knife, severed it, scurried away. Moments later British patrols crossed the bridge, heard from Boom's Maquis the story of their hero. He was eleven years old."

The Bible has its child heroes too! It was a child who secured the best possible nurse for Moses when he was in dire need of one. (See Exodus 2).

It was a child who informed a field-marshal how he could be cleansed of his leprosy. (See II Kings 5).
It was a child the Lord placed in the midst of His disciples when He gave His exhortation on humility. (See Mark 9).

It was children whom the Lord called to Him and said: "Of such is the kingdom of God." (See Luke 18) .

It was a child who brought the five barley loaves and two small fishes which the Lord used to feed the hungry multitude. (See John 6) .

It was a child that mother and grand.. mother taught the Holy Scriptures which made him wise unto salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. (See II Timothy 1 and 3).

Never despise, slight nor underesti­mate a little child.—Moody Monthly.

Character by Example

"How can I bring up my son in the way he should go?" asked an anxious father.

"By going that way yourself," was the reply. Words are easily forgotten but the example of a good life is never forgotten. It behooves parents to keep their tempers under control and let love's winsome ways and wooing words adorn their lives.

There is no more effective way of making children dislike their homes and break home ties and leave home than the habit of faultfinding, wrangling, and ill-tempered argument on the part of the parents.

Peace, gentleness, love and consideration bind heart to heart, strengthen the ties of affection, and make home both interesting and attractive. Con­cord is essential to happiness.—The Religious Telescope.

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