Children Sermon Illustrations

Children Sermon Illustrations

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Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right (Eph. 6:1).

Last night my little boy confessed to me
Some childish wrong;
And kneeling at my knee
He prayed with tears:
"Dear God, make me a man
Like Daddy — wise and strong;
I know You can."

Then while he slept
I knelt beside his bed,
Confessed my sins,
And prayed with low-bowed head,
"O God, make me a child
Like my child here —
Pure, guileless,
Trusting Thee with faith sincere."Sunday School Times

The Chap at Home

To feel his little hand in mine,
So clinging and so warm,
To know he thinks me strong enough
To keep him safe from harm:
To see his simple faith in all
That I can say or do;
It sort o' shames a fellow,
But it makes him better, too;
And I'm trying hard to be the man
He fancies me to be,
Because I have this chap at home
Who thinks the world o' me.
I would not disappoint his trust
For anything on earth,
Nor let him know how little I
Just naturally am worth.
But after all, it's easier
That brighter road to climb,
With the little hands behind me
To push me all the time.
And I reckon I'm a better man
Than what I used to be
Because I have this chap at home
Who thinks the world of me.Selected.

World Friendship for Boys and Girls

In hearts too young for enmity lies the way to make men free;
When children's friendships are world wide
New ages will be glorified.
Let child love child, and strife will cease,
Disarm the hearts, for that is peace.Ethel Blair Jordan.

Beginning Early

Ere your child has reached the seven
Have him taught the way to Heaven;
Better still, if he would thrive,
He should know before he's five;
Best of all, if at your knee,
He knows the way before he's three. Women's Missionary Magazine.

Where Did They Come From?

"Where did all these learned men come from?" asked Queen Victoria of John Bright at a dinner table. She had found him very difficult to talk to, and the conversation had been lagging. "From babies," he replied. At this the Queen burst into laughter. The ice was broken, and from that moment there was no loss for words. It is from the same source that the future members of our church must come, and, therefore, the necessity for beginning to train the young at the earliest possible moment. Albert G. Mackinnon

Led By a Child

In a prayer meeting a man rose and said, "I have been thoughtless and impenitent till within a short time. I will tell you how it came about that I am now a disciple of Jesus.

"One Sunday morning, I was in my room. My wife had gone out and no one was with me but little Mabel. At length she came up to the sofa and began talking to me in her child-like way. `Uncle,' she said, `tell me something of Jesus. Mamma always does Sunday nights.'

"I was struck with the question, but evaded it. But the little one would not be put off. Again and again she came back with the same request, `Uncle, tell me something about Jesus.' Finding I did not comply, she said at last, opening wide her blue eyes, `Why, you do know about Jesus, don't you?'

"That question awakened thoughts and feelings I never had before. I could not sleep that night; the dear child's wondering words, `You know about Jesus, don't you?' haunted me through the long, silent hours. I felt I did not know about Jesus, had not wished to know. A sense of my ignorance and guilt weighed heavily upon my soul. I was distressed for days. I read my Bible with an enquiring, anxious heart, till at length I found the blessed Saviour and could say in humility and faith, `Now I know about Jesus."'

It is possible to know about Jesus, and yet not to know Him as one's personal Saviour and Lord. It is personal faith in Him and in His atoning death and resurrection that saves. Have you this personal faith?—Scattered Seed.

What Rich Dividends!

A missionary lady was telling the story of her work in China. When she finished, a little girl came forward and gave her twelve pennies. "Please," she said, "I have been saving these pennies and now I want them to be missionaries to China." How happy the missionary was to receive the offering from its wholehearted giver! Months went by and finally a letter came for the little girl which read, "With your twelve pennies I bought twelve penny Gospels of John. I gave one to each of my class of Chinese girls. They read the wonderful story in their own little books, and today all twelve gave their hearts to Christ. What a splendid investment you have made in Kingdom stock!"—The Secret Place.

Prayer for the Children

Father, our children keep!
We know not what is coming on the earth;
Beneath the shadow of Thy heavenly wing,
O keep them, keep them, Thou who gav'st them birth.

Father, draw nearer us!
Draw firmer round us Thy protecting arm;
Oh, clasp our children closer to Thy side,
Uninjured in the day of earth's alarm.

Them in Thy chambers hide!
Oh, hide them and preserve them calm and safe,
When sin abounds and error flows abroad,
And Satan tempts, and human passions chafe.

Oh, keep them undefiled!
Unspotted from a tempting world of sin;
That, clothed in white, through the bright city gates,
They may with us in triumph enter in. Horatius Bona, D.D.

If We Were Really Wise

I saw tomorrow marching by
On little children's feet;
Within their forms and faces read
Her prophecy complete.

I saw tomorrow look at me
From little children's eyes,
And thought how carefully we'd teach
If we were really wise. Selected.

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