Children Sermon Illustrations

Children Sermon Illustrations

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In the Children's Ward

One Sunday evening the head nurse of a children's hospital was reading Bible stories and showing pictures to the little ones. Then they began to sing hymns, and the children asked for the "little friend hymn." The nurse played it over, and one of the newly arrived girl invalids said, "Oh, Nurse, may I sing that, please? We learned it at our Sunday school." The nurse gave her consent. Some of the children were sitting up in bed, the tiny soloist among the number, and those who were too weak or too ill to sit up were told to hold up their hands when the chorus was reached. The evening was very quiet, and the sweet, piping voice of the little singer sounded out clearly, "I am Jesus' little friend," until at the chorus every child in the ward held up a hand at the words, "Jesus' friend, little friend, on His mercy I depend." The nurse says: "As I looked down the whole length of the ward, and saw all the thin, white hands held up, and thought what they meant, it was almost too much for me. The ward became a holy temple, as I thought I could see our Lord going from child to child, taking each by the hand, saying, `My little friend.' "—Christian Herald.

Communism Among Children

The Morning Star, which we presume is an American publication, says: "The Communists know the importance of making disciples among the young. So, having made some converts among the teachers, they set to work to grasp the children, establishing infidel Sunday schools and scattering infidel literature. In their leading journal we read, `The children's movement must be placed in the uppermost rank. They must be organized into clubs, taught revolutionary songs to sing in the streets, and to carry on all sorts of propaganda.' At one school there was a doormat with a figure of Christ upon it on which the children were required to wipe their muddy shoes!"

In contrast to these atheistic labors to destroy faith the people of God should renew their diligence to build up the Church in all its branches, especially in the Sunday School department and other agencies to reach the childhood of the world.—Selected.

Little Brother Hymn

If every child could see
Our Saviour's shining face,
I think that each one eagerly
Would run to His embrace.

Though black the hand, red, brown or white,
All hearts are just the same;
Each one is precious in God's sight,
Each one He calls by name.

And those who hear in every land
With loyal hearts and true,
Will grasp some little brother's hand
And lead him onward, too.Alfred R. Lincoln.

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