Christmas Gifts Sermon Illustrations

Christmas Gifts Sermon Illustrations

"As you don't seem to know what you'd like for Christmas, Freddie," said his mother, "here's a printed list of presents for a good little boy."

Freddie read over the list, and then said: "Mother, haven't you a list for a bad little boy?"

'Twas the month after Christmas,
And Santa had flit;
Came there tidings for father
Which read: "Please remit!"—R.L.F.

Little six-year-old Harry was asked by his Sunday-school teacher:

"And, Harry, what are you going to give your darling little brother for Christmas thisyear?"

"I dunno," said Harry; "I gave him the measles last year."

For little children everywhere
A joyous season still we make;
We bring our precious gifts to them,
Even for the dear child Jesus' sake.—Phebe Cary.

I will, if you will,
devote my Christmas giving to the children and the needy,
reserving only the privilege of, once in a while,
giving to a dear friend a gift which then will have
the old charm of being a genuine surprise.

I will, if you will,
keep the spirit of Christmas in my heart, and,
barring out hurry, worry, and competition,
will consecrate the blessed season, in joy and love,
to the One whose birth we celebrate.—Jane Porter Williams.

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