Circumstances Sermon Illustrations

Circumstances Sermon Illustrations

Fretting under Circumstances

Napoleon Bonaparte, when intoxicated with success and at the height of his power, is reported to have said, 'I make circumstances.' Let Moscow, Elba, Waterloo, and St. Helena, that rocky island where he was incarcerated until he fretted his life away, testify to his utter helplessness in his humiliating fall.

(Gen. 42. 36; Job. 3. 23-24; Rom. 8. 23, 31, 35- 37)

Superiority to Circumstances

The water-spider lives in the water and is made for life in the water but it cannot live without air. It would drown in the water, so is constantly surrounded by an element deadly to it; yet it continues to live a happy life against odds. Over its body is a thick covering of hair. When it plunges into the water it carries with it an envelope of air which at once forms a bubble round it. It chooses its place, spins a silken dome attached to water-weed, and into this dome flicks the bubble of air. Then it rises and brings another until it fills its home with the air it needs.

(Rom. 8. 37; 2 Cor. 4. 8, 9)

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