Comfort Sermon Illustrations

Comfort Sermon Illustrations

Mrs. Charles Beer, for many years, with her husband, a missionary in Narsapur, India, sat on one side of the bed of her dying husband. Opposite her, on the other side, sat Mr. E. S. Bowden, their close associate in the Lord's work among the Telugus for many years. They watched his strength failing and looked on as the veteran worker passed into the presence of his Lord and Master Whom he had loved and served. As the heart ceased to beat and the last breath was drawn, Mr. Bowden looked across to the now widowed and sorrowing sister and said quietly, 'Gone in to see the King.' Mrs. Beer found in those words the comfort that her heart needed.

(Isa. 33. 17; Matt. 5. 8; 2 Cor. 5. 8; Phil. 1. 23)

Comfort in Bereavement

John was a gardener to a Christian gentleman. He had lost his lovely little daughter and was bitter and rebellious against God for taking her from the home. One morning he found that a special rose he was training for the local Flower Show was gone. He was very angry and, turning to the maid, said, 'Who did this?' `It was the master,' she replied. Just then the master himself came on the scene. 'John!' he said, 'these flowers belong to me. Have I not a right to pluck any of them as I please?'

John learnt the lesson. The darling daughter he had lost belonged to the Lord, and He had taken the lovely bud to blossom in His Paradise above. John was comforted.

(Job. 1. 21; 1 Thess. 4. 16-1

Meaning of Comfort

A missionary translator, laboring amongst a tribe in the mountains of Mexico, found it hard to get the right word for 'comfort'. One day his helper asked for a week's leave, and explained that his uncle had died and he wanted some days off to visit his bereaved aunt 'to help her heart around the corner'. That was just the expression the missionary needed.

(Ps. 23. 4; Isa. 66. 13; Eph. 6. 22; Col. 4. 8)

Great is the excellency, transcendent the comforts, that are to be found in God's promises; they are the good Christian's Magna Charta for heaven, the only assurance that he has to claim by. There is no comfort—no true, real, virtual comfort—but what is built and founded upon a Scripture promise; if otherwise it is presumption, and cannot properly be called true comfort.—Calamy

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