Communion with God Sermon Illustrations

Communion with God Sermon Illustrations

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Shut Thy Door

"Enter into thy closet, and . . . shut thy door" (Matt. 6:6).

Souls often grow lonely in a crowd, and starve in the midst of temples, worshipers and ordinances. God would have us alone with Him sometimes. Coming to church is not coming to Christ. "Enter into thy closet, and * * shut thy door." Shut out nonsense, business, care and pleasure. Shut out flatteries and frowns. Shut out strangers and acquaintances. Shut out friends and foes. Shut out this world and open the window that looks out upon the next. Give the mind rest. Give the ear quiet. Give the tongue silence. Give the heart meditation. Give the soul communion with God; look up, there are blessings waiting for you. Listen: God speaks in His still small voice. Ask: God waits to hear. See that your soul is at peace with God. See that no shade of sin hides from your sight the Heavenly Father's face.

Settle the question of peace, pardon and duty in secret before the Lord; then bring everything that concerns your heart and life, for time or for eternity, and lay it before the mercy seat.—H. L. Hastings.

A Quiet Heart

Oh, Lord, give me a quiet heart—
So oft my heart is filled with fear:
I need the peace Thou canst impart;
I need to feel that Thou art near.

Help me to walk by faith each day
Though shadows hide the path from view;
Give me a quiet heart, I pray,
To trust Thee as Thou bid'st me do.

I cannot see the journey's end,
I know not what lies just ahead;
But, oh, I have a Heav'nly Friend
Who knows the path my feet must tread.

So now, my heart, be still and trust,
Although thou canst not see the way;
For He who formed thee from the dust
Wilt lead thee on from day to day.

A quiet heart—a quiet heart,
From which is banished doubts and fears;
Oh, Lord, give a quiet heart
That trusts Thee for the coming years! —Winifred M. Nienhuis, in Gospel Herald.

The Power Room

The story is told of two men who were one time visiting a great factory. They were shown all the different rooms where the great machines were buzzing and making a great noise, as the wheels turned at a rapid pace. Then the guide led them to another room. Here everything was very quiet, not a sound to be heard. One of the men said, "Not much doing here." The guide smilingly replied, "But this is the most important room of all, this is where the power comes from to run the great machines. We call this the Quiet Room and it is the Power Room as well."

As I read this story I wondered where we get our power. Do we have a Quiet Room? Do we need a Quiet Room?—a Power Room? I am sure you will say, "We indeed need a Power Room, a place where we can meet the Lord and talk things over with Him." Yes, we need to tarry there, too, until we, know the Lord's will and then go out to do it as best we can. Our lives will be fruitless and failures unless we do spend some time in the Quiet Room.—Gospel Herald.


"Solitude," said Cecil, "is my great ordinance." There are Heaven-born gifts and powers in lives of which we will never be conscious until in solitude they are revealed and developed. Look at John Bunyan. Did not Bedford jail bring out the best that was in him? Look at Milton. Did not sightless eyes reveal glories he would otherwise never have seen? Look at David Livingstone. Those eight or nine years in the solitudes of Africa during his early missionary career prepared him as nothing else could have done for the remarkable series of explorations and victories that resulted in opening a continent to Christ. Or look at Paul. From a Roman dungeon he gave us his best.

Because Paul was a prisoner at Rome, what wealth of spiritual teaching, and what glimpses of the unseen and eternal are ours! There his life came to its richest fruitage. And earthly life for us will reach its highest bliss, and these Heaven-born faculties their fullest fruition, only when we are much alone with God.—Selected

Trysting Place

Dear Lord, I want, each day that comes,
To share some part with Thee,
Where I can sit at Thy dear feet,
And hear Thee speak to me.

A place where I can turn aside,
And leave the cares of life;
Where I can get the strength I need
To banish storm and strife.

A quiet, holy, trysting-place,
Where Thou to me canst give
The very blessing that I need;
Here would I feast and live! —Adjutant Martha Grenfell.

Alone With God

Alone with God, He speaks to me
As friend with friend;
He fills my heart with joy and peace
That has no end.
He tells me of His love for me,
And I rejoice.
Alone with God—to feel Him near;
To hear His voice!

Alone with God—the doors all shut—
I see His face;
I feel His love, so strong and true;
I know His grace.
His comfort comes, in strengthening power,
To fill my heart.
Alone with God—how blest it is
To come apart!

Alone with God—how sweet the sound
Of His dear voice!
To seek His face—in quiet place—
This is my choice!
'Tis good to know that He is there
My need to meet;
Alone with God—His presence near—
Ah, yes, 'tis sweet! —Sylvia R. Lockwood.

Alone With God

A minister at a camp meeting, in the course of his sermon, advised that the people, as they retired from the service, should go away and be alone with God for fifteen minutes. A brother followed the advice, and was brought into the most delightful fellowship with Jesus. The unfolding of things belonging to the Kingdom of God, even in that fifteen minutes, was rich and glorious. We would urge our readers to be often alone with God. If you want to be let down into eternal mysteries, into the God­head's deepest sea, be alone with God. If you want to feel as never before the strength of the "power that worketh in us," be alone with God. Fifteen minutes in such secret fellowship is worth an age of blustering outdoor noise about religion.—P. H. Advocate.

The Indian's Preparation

An Indian in his preparation for the Sabbath day services said he made his body very clean from head to foot, and then instead of laughing and chatting idly with his friends,—to use his own words,—"I sit down and think Jesus until it is time to go." How many of us "think Jesus" just before church time? Home Missions Echoes.

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