Conservation Sermon Illustrations

Conservation Sermon Illustrations

Suppose one day we took an axe and cut the parlor wall,
Then tore up Mother's potted plants and wrecked them, roots and all;
Then threw a lot of paper trash and food scraps on the floor
Why—we would simply treat our homes as some folks treat outdoors!

Suppose we took a knife and carved initials on the chairs,
Then broke a window-pane or two and said, "Nobody cares!"
Or tossed around banana peels, tin cans and apple cores,
Why, we would simply treat our homes as some folks treat outdoors!

But outdoors is a lovely place, so pretty and so bright,
With grass and flowers and brooks and trees; folks ought to treat them right.
So when a call to camping trip, or jolly picnic comes,
Suppose we try to treat outdoors as we would treat our homes!—St. Nicholas

As secretary for a soil conservation program, it was my job to compose and mimeograph the programs for our annual banquet. Deciding on a before-and-after gimmick for the program cover, I selected two pictures. One depicted a pitiful-looking cow standing on scrawny legs in a patch of eroding land; the other portrayed, in a field of verdant clover, a paragon of bovine perfection. I traced these side by side on my stencil and lettered below them the slogan, "Conservation Makes the Difference?'

I felt sure my artistic effort would remind every farmer at the banquet the proper land use could perform miracles. Still, I was hardly prepared for the stir my cover page created. Program in hand and eyes a-twinkle, one landowner approached me with the query, "Is it really true that soil conservation can turn a cow into a bull?"—Eliana Beam

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