Contentment Sermon Illustrations

Contentment Sermon Illustrations

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When They Found Their Man!

A story is told of a king who was suffering from a malady and was advised by his astrologist that he would be cured if the shirt of a contented man were brought for him to wear. People went out to all parts of the kingdom after such a person, and after a long search they found a man who was really happy, but he did not possess a shirt.—The Christian Evangelist.

Be Yourself

Do not spend your time in longing to be somebody else, to have his place, and do his work, and expect his gifts, and speak in his way. Be yourself! God made you. Respect your own individuality. If we are to enter into and to continue in God's way for us, we must not have some little plan of our own. Two people cannot be in control of one life at one and the same moment. God has His way for you. If you have a way for yourself, then it is not under control and cannot be until you surrender your program and accept His.The Elim Evangel.


A bishop who was contented and cheerful through a long period of trial, and was asked the secret of his contentment, said: "I will tell you. I made a right use of my eyes." "Please explain." "Most willingly," was the answer:

"First, I look up to Heaven and remember that my principal business is to get there.

"Then I look down upon the earth and think about how small a place I shall occupy when I am dead and buried.

"Then I look around and see the many who are in all respects much worse off than I am.

"Then I learn where true happiness lies, where all our cares end, and how little reason I have to complain.—Selected.

If you can keep "the faith" when those about you
Are losing it and seeking something new;
If you can stand the firmer though they flout you
As being simple, and old-fashioned, too;

If you can put your hand in Christ's, and feeling
The marks of Calvary's scars upon your palm,
Can gladly say "Amen" to all His dealing,
Or change the sigh into a joyous psalm;

If you can laugh when human hopes are banished,
When castles fall and cherished prospects die,
And just keep on though earthly props have vanished,
Content to see the pattern by and by;

If you can meet abuse without complaining,
And greet your unkind critic with a smile;
If, conscious that your human love is waning,
You claim a Calvary love that knows no guile;

If you can bear the unjust imputation
Without a murmur or revengeful thought,
And even forfeit rights and reputation,
Because His glory is the one thing sought;

If you can give an honest commendation
To him whose work looms larger than your own,
Or scorn to speak the word of condemnation
To him who fails or reaps what he has sown;

If you can give consent to Calvary's dying,
And live again in resurrection power;
If you can claim the victory, not by trying,
But resting in His triumph every hour;

If you can be content with His provision,
Though others seem to prosper and succeed;
Nor let repining mar the Heavenly vision,
And simply trust in God for every need;

If you can let the mind of Christ possess you,
To think on "things of good report" and true,
And ever let the love of Christ obsess you,
Constraining everything you say and do;

If you can find in Him your highest treasure,
Let Him hold sway o'er heart and soul and limb:
Then life is yours, and blessing without measure,
And—what is more—you'll live and reign with Him! The Christian (London).

"She Never Said a Word, But—"

Dr. A. T. Schofield's eldest daughter was a great horsewoman, but being thrown when rough-riding got a depressed fracture of the skull upon which no surgeon would operate, and of which, after some years of great suffering, she died. "When my daughter had been ill a fortnight, her nurse came to me and said she thought I would like to know that she had become a Christian. `Why, what were you when you came?' `I was an atheist, Doctor.' `I suppose your pa­tient has been speaking to you?' `No, she never said a word, but she is the only absolutely contented girl I ever met, and I couldn't understand it, so I asked for her secret, and now I'm a Christian.' "—Dr. A. T. Schofield.

Can you show me the way to the "Land of Content,"
Where the struggle with self is done?
Where the disappointments and vain regrets
Are gone with the evening sun?
Where pride and anger play no part,
Where only Truth can live?
Where wrongs are forgotten and blotted out,
And the best in us can live?The Gospel Herald.

Their God-Given Contentment

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ekvall on the border of Tibet in a lonely, far-away station, told us: "We do not want a radio; we are content in our far-off field, and do not need any earthly thing to help or make it possible to go on with the work; contentment is our portion." Their friend, in a letter continues: "That is God-given, for only so could they have been content to live as they did, for the love of souls. Their front yard was anything but inviting, but it was for the good of their people who would be free to come, animals and all. Mail reached them every three weeks or so (perhaps). Just living among the wild Tibetans, with all their unclean ways and smells, their rough, ugly style of doing things, then to be "contented." How wonderful! Mr. and Mrs. Ekvall were college-bred and used to something so different, yet in the wilds of Tibet they were "content, restful, resourceful, and happy." What a tribute to the grace of God!—Gospel Herald.

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