Discipleship Sermon Illustrations

Discipleship Sermon Illustrations

Cost of Discipleship

Henry Drummond, preacher and author, was once asked to address a meeting of a select West-End Club in London. On his arrival he found his audience assembled and everything arranged for him to give his message. He commenced his address with these words: 'Ladies and Gentlemen, the entrance fee into the Kingdom of Heaven is nothing: the annual subscription is everything.'

Discipleship and its Demands

`It doesn't take much of a man to be a Christian, but it takes all there is of him,' said Thomas Huxley.

(Luke 14. 33; Rom. 12. 1)

Discipleship and its Essentials

Peter Waldo, the probable leader of the pious Waldensians, was a rich merchant of Lyons, France. He was converted through the death of a friend at a feast. He then had the Scriptures translated by two erudite scholars into his own tongue and thereafter gave up all his wealth and followed his Lord. Everywhere he went he preached the claims of Christ, using the words, `Look to Jesus! Listen to Jesus! Learn of Jesus!'

These are the prerequisites of discipleship.

(Matt. 11. 29; 16. 24; Heb. 12. 1, 2)

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