Examinations Sermon Illustrations

Examinations Sermon Illustrations

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Germinate—Become a naturalized German.
Oboe—An English tramp.
Polygon—A heathen who has many wives.
Red and Mediterranean Seas—Two bodies of water connected by the Sewage Canal.

From a schoolboy's exam paper: Matterhorn was a horn blown by the ancients when anything was the matter.—The Lookout

A gargoyle is something you swallow when you have a sore throat.
The Tower of Babel was the place where Solomon kept his wives.
Homicide is when a man kills himself in his own home.

According to testimony before the Congressional committee on atomic energy, "Boss Kettering of General Motors once gave the MIT entrance exam to fifty-seven of his top engineers. Exactly fifty-three of them flunked.—Quote

An instructor in a church school where much attention was paid to sacred history, dwelt particularly on the phrase "And Enoch was not, for God took him." So many times was this repeated in connection with the death of Enoch that he thought even the dullest pupil would answer correctly when asked in examination: State in the exact language of the Bible what is said of Enoch's death.

But this was the answer he got:

"Enoch was not what God took him for."

A member of the faculty of the University of Wisconsin tells of some amusing replies made by a pupil undergoing an examination in English. The candidate had been instructed to write out examples of the indicative, the subjunctive, the potential and the exclamatory moods. His efforts resulted as follows:

"I am endeavoring to pass an English examination. If I answer twenty questions I shall pass. If I answer twelve questions I may pass. God help me!"

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