Fraud Sermon Illustrations

Fraud Sermon Illustrations

Fraudulent Filing

A Kansas City, Kansas, couple claimed three dependents on their 1959 Kansas income return. An attorney for the state revenue department said the "dependents have been identified as two cats and a dog." The attorney obtained a warrant from the Wyandotte County prosecutor's office charging William J. Shine and his wife, Mrs. Freida L. Shine, with signing a fraudulent return. The warrant alleges that the couple listed three non-existent dependents under the names of Susie, Tommie and Jimmie.

The attorney said he obtained a signed statement from Shine admitting the dependents were fictitious but denying that the names were those of the dog and cats.

Shine, a laborer, reported gross earnings of $2,676.76 for 1959, but showed he had no taxable income after the exemptions. The penalty upon conviction of a charge of willfully filing of fraudulent return is up to fire years' imprisonment. The case was investigated after the state department of revenue received an anonymous letter saying that dependents listed in the Shine return actually were the dog and cats.
Excuses for these claimed exemptions are as worthless as the excuses sensible men and women give for not accepting Christ—and some Christians give for not serving Christ.

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