Friends Sermon Illustrations

Friends Sermon Illustrations

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Bound by a Golden Chain

A gentleman had found a place for a ragged street Arab, and was walking with him to it. He was stopped by a gentleman, who after a short conversation said, "You are not walking through the street with that dirty lad, surely?" "Why not?" said the gentleman, "he is my friend." Overhearing the first remark the lad was slinking away, but the answer made him the life-long, devoted follower of his new-found friend. Jesus deigns to call us His friends; are we as grateful to Him?Sunday School Times.

The Unfailing Friend

The friendship of Jesus is lasting. Other friends may grow old and cold. It is not so with the friendship of our Saviour. Other friends may possibly misunderstand us. Jesus never. His love is the same in youth as in old age. The friendship will rather grow stronger in old age. If you have lost what to you seemed everything, if you find yourself friendless and alone, despised and forsaken, seek to get acquainted with this most lovely, dear and precious Friend.—M.

True Friendship

Gold cannot buy it,
Poverty try it;
Thrift may not cheapen it,
Sorrow must deepen it;
Joy cannot lose it,
Malice abuse it;
Wit cannot choke it,
Folly provoke it;
Age can but strengthen it,
Time only lengthens it;
Death cannot sever
Friendship forever;
Heaven's the true place of it,
God is the grace of it. Presbyterian Standard

True Friendship

Christians need to revive the spirit of consecration that characterized Sam Davis, that Confederate spy, who was executed at Pulaski, Tenn. He was captured by the Union Army and found to possess some papers of great value to the Union Army. The officers knew that it was impossible that he was the one responsible for his having those papers. After he had been court-martialed and blindfolded before the firing squad the officer in charge said, "If you will give us the name of the man who furnished you this information, you may go free," to which Sam Davis replied, "If I had a thousand lives I would give them all before I would betray a friend." Are you a friend of JesusFlorida Baptist Witness.

The Difference

Edgar A. Guest, telling of a conversation on happiness, said, "We were discussing a certain man the other day—a man rich and almost friendless. His life has been a long round of bickering and close dealing. Lawsuits have strewn his path. Friendship apparently meant nothing to him when he was busy making his fortune. Men who once tried to like him gave him up as a hopeless case. He is now old and has more money than he will ever need. To one with whom he quarreled bitterly more than twenty years ago, he said recently: `I don't understand it. You have hundreds of friends about you, and I have almost no one outside of my own family to whom I can turn.' And the man replied simply: `I was making friends years ago, while you were busy making money.' It's all in that one sentence. We carry into old age only the things we have thought to bring along the way."—Edgar A. Guest, in the American Magazine.

How to Cement Friendships

  1. Take your friends as you find them —do not try to remove the motes you see in their eyes.

  2. Use the Golden Rule always.

  3. Do not talk about your "peeves."

  4. Remember that sincere and appreciative letters establish a pathway to the heart of a friend.

  5. Be a loyal, faithful friend. Remember that "none can be called deformed but unkind."

  6. Remember that souls are greater than vocabularies, so try to read the overtones in the written and spoken words of your friends.

  7. Cultivate a sense of humor.

  8. Do not expect the impossible; a wood thrush and a yardstick have little in common.

  9. Do not keep "tab" on the affairs of your friend.

  10. Do not usurp your friend: be glad that he has other friends besides you.

  11. Never force a confidence, nor betray one reposed in you.

  12. Share your blessings with your friends.

  13. Don't be supersensitive. You would not willingly hurt a friend, so give your friend credit for having the same feeling toward you.

  14. Remember that to have a friend you must be one.

  15. Remember that a friend is one before whom you may think aloud, who understands your silences.—The Youth's Evangelist.

The Neighbor Test

One day a mover's wagon came past Farmer Jones' gate. Farmer Jones was friendly to everybody, so he asked the movers where they were going. "We are moving from Johnstown to Jamestown," they told him. "Can you tell us what kind of neighbors we will find there?" "What kind did you find in Johnstown?" "The very worst kind," they said. "Gossipy, unkind, and indifferent. We were glad to move away." "You will find the same in Jamestown." The next day another mover's wagon passed, and a similar conversation took place. The second party asked what neighbors they would find in Johnstown and were asked what kind they had found in Jamestown. "The very best. So kind and considerate, it almost broke our hearts to move away." "You will find exactly the same kind in Johnstown," was the farmer's reply.—Sunday School Times.

How Much Room Is Needed?

"Is it true," asked a student, "that all the people in the world could live in Texas?" "Yes," replied the professor, "if they were friends." And if they were not friends even the world itself is too small.The Homilope (church envelope).

A Friend

Kingsley says: "A friend is a human soul whom we can trust utterly; who knows the best and the worst of us, and who loves us in spite of all our faults; who will speak the honest truth to us; who will give us counsel and reproof in the day of prosperity and self-conceit, but who will comfort us and encourage us in the days of difficulty and sorrow."—Selected.

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