Future Sermon Illustrations

Future Sermon Illustrations

With the day skimming by,
Its tasks crowding thickly
Which we're goaded to try
To accomplish too quickly,

Ifs because we forget
There are hours to borrow.
There's time—an as yet
Untouched whole tomorrow.—May Richstone, Rotarian

The only way to get rid of a past is to get a future out of it.—Phillip Brooks, The Lion

Geologists say that in ten thousand years Niagara Falls will be dry, if something isn't done about it. In ten thousand years all of us will be dry, in spite of anything we can do about it.—Nuggets

What the future has in store for you depends in a large measure on what you place in store for the future.

The best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time.

Whenever I think of the future, I think of R E Olds, who made the Oldsmobile and the Reo cars. About 1902 he announced a new model which he called his Farewell Car. He implied that this automobile was the ultimate, that after it, nobody could ever bring improvement to the motorcar. How wrong he was! There's always more to be done. You can never catch up. You can never finish.—Brooks Stevens, industrial designer, quoted by Karl Prentiss, "He Has Designs on Your Dough," True

There is no future in any job—the future is in the one who holds the job.—Friendly Chat

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