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Help Sermon Illustrations

Help in Time of Need

Queen Elizabeth's favorite, Essex, was angry because the Queen, on account of his insolence, took from him his monopolies. He then behaved in a treacherous way, was tried by the Council and condemned as a traitor. He remembered a ring the Queen had formerly given him, with the words, 'When in difficulty, send this to me and I will help you.' He took the ring and gave it to a boy, with a present, telling him to take it to a lady, his friend, to give to Queen Elizabeth. By mistake the boy delivered the ring to another lady, a Countess who was the enemy of Essex, and it was never given to the Queen. How often Satan robs us of our help from above. The further history of the ring was this. It was passed on to Sir Thomas Warner, and placed on his coat-of-arms, with the motto, `I hold from the King.'—Selected

(Heb. 4. 16)

The farmer found his new hired man very unsatisfactory. A neighbor who chanced along inquired:

"How's that new hand o' your'n?"

"Cuss the critter!" was the bitter reply. "He ain't a hand—he's a sore thumb."

A savage old boar got into a garden, and was doing much damage. When two men tried to drive it out, the animal charged. One of the two climbed a tree, the other dodged, and laid hold on the boar's tail. He hung on desperately, and man and beast raced wildly round and round the tree. Finally, the man shouted between gasps:

"For heaven's sake, Bill, climb down here, and help me leggo this ornery old hog!"

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