Incarnation Sermon Illustrations

Incarnation Sermon Illustrations

Sadhu Sundar Singh used to illustrate the incarnation mystery in this way. A simple countryman was being shown a red glass bottle full of milk. They asked him what was in the bottle. 'Wine? Brandy? Whisky?' he replied, questioningly. He could not believe it was filled with milk till he saw the milk poured out from it. The redness of the bottle hid the color of the milk. So, he said, it was and is with our Lord's humanity. Man saw Him tired, hungry, suffering, weeping and thought He was only man. 'He was made in the likeness of men,' yet He ever is 'God over all, blessed forever.'

(John 1. 14; Rom. 9. 5; Phil. 2. 7, 8; 1 Tim. 3. 15)

Handley Bird, for many years a missionary in India, used to illustrate the incarnation of our Lord by the following story. A father, walking-stick in hand, took his young son for a walk. The lad asked his father to let him have the stick for a little while and, when his father acceded to his request, he began to use the stick to play golf with the stones and to swipe the shrubs growing by the roadside. By and by he poked it into a nest of ants which, hurt, disturbed and terrified, began to scurry off in all directions. The lad, tender-hearted, was sorry for what he had done and, looking up into his father's face, he said, 'Oh, father, I'm sorry these poor ants have been hurt and are scurrying off in terror. I love them and am sorry for them Oh father, won't you tell them how sorry I am for them and how I love them.' The father, looking at his son with an amused smile, said, 'I am glad you have such a tender, compassionate heart toward these little

creatures. I would gladly give them your message and tell them how you feel toward them, but I can't. In order to be able to do so, I should have to be born an ant and speak to them in their language, for they cannot understand our language.'

(John 1. 14; Rom. 5. 8)

Angelic hosts to men the mystery tell—
Th' Almighty deigns on earth with men to dwell
As Man, the virgin's son, Immanuel,
God here with us.

`His own received Him not;' Rejected, He
Sin's bonds to break and Satan's slaves to free,
Endures the curse and hangs upon a tree;
Christ died for us.

Rising, He conquers Death, the monster hoary,
Bids His redeemed proclaim on earth His story,
Enters and fills our hearts with hopes of glory;
Christ lives in us.

Formed in a virgin's womb, Eternal Son!
Thou becam'st dead, Thou true life-giving One!
Live now Thy life through lives Thy death has won—
Christ formed in us.

Soon shall the Savior to our longing eyes
Appear. The dead in Christ shall rise:
With them caught up, we'll meet Him in the skies—
Christ come for us.—A.N.

(John 1. 14; 1 Tim. 3. 15; Gal. 2. 20)

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