Innoculation Sermon Illustrations

Innoculation Sermon Illustrations

Iniquitous innoculation or Religious Varioloid

I do not know the name of the man who wrote the following editorial. But I praise him for it. And I am sure he would not object to my passing on to those who have not read these weighty words of wisdom:

"America is being innoculated with a mild form of Christianity which is making us immune to the real thing. There are several types of this religious varioloid:

"Psychological Christianity—an obsession that makes God a good 'pepper-upper' and religion a comforting thought. Its devotees see theology as a waste of time; shudder at the mention of sin; go to church to seek psycho-religious adjustment for tension and frustration. Their heaven is health and wealth.

"Social Christianity—a 'good time' religion with special appeal to those who cannot get into lodges, clubs, or the society column. It expresses itself in a round of socials, banquets, or—in its more liberal manifestations—theater parties, dances and bridge.

"Political Christianity—a reform movement with a social gospel, which is so busy with surveys, committee meetings, projects, campaigns, etc., to clean up society that individuals are starving to death for spiritual food.

"Emotional Christianity—a type of innoculation which gives the patient divine thrills and mystical exaltations, but often leaves him spiritually dead.

"Atavistic Christianity—a sort of religious loyalty to the be­liefs of our dead forebears. The Chinese have it in a bit different form and call it ancestor worship.

"Sacramental Christianity—a blind loyalty to certain rites or ceremonies, the faithful performance of which is supposed to give one a 'pass' to glory. Its devotees have a 'form of godliness,' but 'deny the power thereof.'

"Theological Christianity—an intellectual and coldly scientific acceptance of the abstract truth in the New Testament Scriptures. Those who have been immunized by this serum can split hairs with the same finesse that Nero played his fiddle while Rome burned.

"On every hand we have the ghosts of what might have been great Christians. A very large proportion of the American people are professedly religious, but their religion is not deep, vital, real! It does not grip the whole man and change and transform him into a new creature in Jesus Christ. The time has come to restore the pure Christianity of die first century."

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