Intelligence Sermon Illustrations

Intelligence Sermon Illustrations

Intelligence has been defined by the psychologists as the capacity to learn. That is nonsense. Intelligence is the capacity to wonder.—Hy Sherman, Flying

It is a mark of intelligence, no matter what you are doing, to have a good time doing it. —V. W. Cochran

If a ship sinks, an intelligent rat gets off but a wise rat doesn't get on in the first place.

Like the X-ray, intelligence tests can bless or burn.

Not all gifted children are bookworms. Some may be found among the black-leather jacket and hot-rod set, says Dr. Elizabeth M. Drews, Michigan State University education professor. She groups gifted students in four categories: studious "A" scholars who are conformists and know how to work for good grades; social leaders who "choose to make their impact felt in the realm of people" and grow up to become executives and club women; "intellectuals," whom teachers do not always like, but who are the future scientists, artists and writers; and rebels, who may have high IQ's but low grades.—Quote

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