Jesus Sermon Illustrations

Jesus Sermon Illustrations

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The Divine and Human Nature of Jesus

In my earlier days—and yet I was old enough to be a lecturer in the Andover Theological Seminary—I wanted a new way of teaching my students the doctrine of Christ. I thought I would tell them to get a sheet of paper and divide it into three columns. In the first column they were to write every passage where Christ is spoken of as God-man; in the second column all the passages where Christ is spoken of as God alone; and in the third, all the passages where He is spoken of as man alone. I went to work. I think I have the paper now. It is badly balanced. The first column and the second column filled right up, but as to the third column, I never found a passage speaking of Christ as man alone. Do you remember any such passage?—Alexander McKenzie.

Why She Claimed Christ

A good old Swedish woman took her pastor severely to task one morning because he had declared in his sermon that Jesus was a Jew and spoke Aramaic. She said he was wrong, that Jesus was a Swede and spoke Swedish! The pastor condescendingly said, "My dear sister, you may have some difficulty proving that." "None at all; I have the proof right here," said the woman as she produced her Swedish Bible and showed him that the words of Jesus were all in Swedish! How glad I am that she thought Jesus was a member of her race, and that I think of Him as a member of my race! It is a compliment to the Son of God.—Dr. William Ward Ayer, in Moody Monthly.

Trial of Jesus—From a Lawyer's Standpoint

No other literature bears the historic scrutiny as well as the New Testament biographies. If the Gospel historians be not worthy of belief we are without rational faith in secular annals of the human race.

All the forms of law were outraged and trampled underfoot in the proceedings, errors so monstrous and proceedings so flagrant, many have doubted the existence of a trial. The arrest was illegal—his private examination illegal—before Annas or Caiaphas—his indictment illegal, in form, proceedings of the Sanhedrin against him illegal—because conducted at night before offering of sacrifice and on a day preceding Jewish Sabbath, trial illegal because within one day, the execution of condemnation illegal because founded on uncorroborated confession of Himself.—The Lamp.

Leonardo da Vinci took a friend to criticize his masterpiece of the "Last Supper," and the remark of the friend was, "The most striking thing in the picture is the cup!" The artist took his brush and wiped out the cup, as he said, "Nothing in my painting shall attract more attention than the face of my Master!"—Selected.

The Changeless Rock

There is an old saying of Samuel Rutherford's, "Believe God's love and pow­er more than you believe your own feelings and experiences. Your Rock is Christ, and it is not the Rock which ebbs and flows, but your sea."The Dawn.

Hopelessly Handicapped?

Some years ago the late Mr. Gokhals, in conversation with Dr. Hume, after speaking of Christ with the deepest reverence, remarked: "But the Lord Jesus Christ is hopelessly handicapped by His connection with the West." To which Dr. Hume replied, "For nineteen centuries the Lord Jesus Christ has been handicapped by His connection with His followers; but hopelessly, never!"—Sunday School Times.


Near the royal residence at Osborne, in the Isle of Wight, were some alms. houses. While visiting an old lady in one of these, a gentleman asked her, "Does Queen Victoria ever visit you here?" "Oh, yes," was the answer, "Her Majesty comes to see me." "And does the King of kings visit you here?" asked the visitor. "No, sir," said the old lady. "He doesn't visit, He lives here."—Christian Herald.

All Blessings in Christ

Every blessing you need is treasured up in Christ. Young or old, rich or poor, may now obtain the blessings of forgiveness, justification, and eternal life "without money and without price, without groans and sighs, "good works," or religious observances.—Alexander Marshall.

Without Beginning or End

One day a six-year-old lad came to his mother with this question: "Mother, who made God?" Instantly the mother's face expressed astonishment and chagrin. Presently she said curtly, "What an awful question to ask. You had better run along and play." In that same country community another lad approached his mother, and asked, "Did God make Himself?" His mother presently left her work and breathed a silent prayer. Taking off her wedding ring, she gave it to her son and asked, "Where does this ring begin and where does it end?" Before long the boy answered, "There is no starting place and stopping place to a ring." The mother remarked, "Just so is God. There is no beginning and no end to God. He always has been and always will be."Gospel Herald.

She Saw Only Mozart's Physique

The young lady to whom Mozart was first engaged to be married became discontented with her choice when she saw more of the world, and gave up the composer. She thought him too small in stature. When the world had begun to recognize his greatness, she explained her refusal of him by saying: "I knew nothing of the greatness of his genius. I saw only a little man." Isaiah speaks of the rejection of Christ by the world in much the same way. These are his words: "He hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty that we should desire him. He is despised and rejected of men." But oh! How disappointed will those same men be, when they shall see him in His beauty!—The Expositor.

A Rabbi Silenced

A Jewish soldier had been attending services where he heard much of the character and teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ. He went to his Rabbi and said, "Rabbi, the Christians say that the Christ has already come, while we claim He is yet to come." "Yes," assented the Rabbi. "Well," asked the young soldier, "When our Christ comes, what will he have on Jesus Christ?" What could the Rabbi say?—Selected.

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