Needs Sermon Illustrations

Needs Sermon Illustrations

We can never use the language of the Laodicean church and say, `We have need of nothing.' Our needs are great but the Lord's resources are inexhaustible. Here are some kinds of needs mentioned in the New Testament:

  1. Material—Matt. 6. 32; Phil. 4. 12, 16—`Your Father knoweth'.

  2. Physical—Luke 9. 11—`All who had need of healing'.

  3. Personal—Luke 10. 42—Quiet time alone with the Lord, at His feet.

  4. Moral—John 13. 10—Daily cleansing: need to wash our feet.

  5. Social—1 Cor. 12. 21—Need of fellowship: fellow-members of Christ.

  6. Spiritual—Heb. 10. 36—`Ye have need of patience'.

  7. Mental—James 1. 5-1f any man lack wisdom let him ask of God'.

(Phil. 4. 19)

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