Persecution Sermon Illustrations

Persecution Sermon Illustrations

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The Cost of Believing

Among our converts in Poland is a woman who has showed much faithfulness to the Lord Jesus Christ in spite of the hostility of her family. Her two daughters an her son, angry when they learned that their mother attended evangelical meetings, decided that they would prevent her from going in the future. One day, therefore, when she was about to go out to a meeting her daughters pushed her back into the corridor. One caught her by the hair, the other held her fast, and the son came and stood in front of her with an ax while he demanded her promise that she would not attend any more.

She trembled with fear at the threatening look on her son's face as he stood there brandishing the ax, but desiring to be faithful to her Saviour, she exclaimed, "I love the Lord Jesus."

Then she burst into tears and from weakness sank to the floor. The son dropped the ax and left her.

For about a year she was obliged to remain at home. Her children sometimes refused to give her anything to eat. In answer to prayer one of the daughters came under the conviction of sin and soon made it possible for her mother to go to the meetings once more. The mother's joy was increased when the daughter came with her and before a crowded congregation confessed her wrongdoing and sought God's forgiveness.European Christian Missions.

A Coolie's Lesson on Persecution

A lovely story is told by Mrs. R. J. Richardson, a missionary refugee from China. When traveling with two little children, she was examined by a Japanese soldier whose rude handling of her person provoked her protest. This was answered by a harsh slap on her face, which stunned her mentally and physically. She was finally released and got into her ricksha and drove off. "As we

passed through a little lane, seeing nobody in sight, I gave vent to my feelings and began to sob. I could not help it. When the ricksha coolie heard me crying, he turned around and said, 'Don't cry, lady. Blessed are those that are persecuted for righteousness' sake.' This humble servant of the Lord, a perfect stranger to me, was being used of the Lord to bring me a message of comfort and to give me a thought that would overcome all feeling of resentment."—Religious Survey in The Sunday School Times

How He Took Persecution

Pastor J. H. Crowell, when about sixteen, shipped on a sailing vessel, where he was the only Christian, in a crew of twelve. Before leaving his mother he promised to meet her three times a day at the throne of grace. So regularly he went below and prayed aloud. He thought he must. They threw wood at him and poured buckets of water over him, but could not put out the fire in his soul. Then they tied him to the mast and laid thirty-nine stripes on his back. Still he prayed. They tied a rope around his body and threw him overboard. He swam as best he could, and when he took hold of the side of the ship they pushed him off with a pole. At last his strength gave way, and, supposing they meant to kill him, he prayed that God would forgive them, and called out: "Send my body to my mother and tell her that I died for Jesus." He was then pulled on deck unconscious, but after some time came to. Conviction began to seize the sailors. Before night two of them were gloriously converted. Inside of a week everyone on board, including the captain, was blessedly saved.—Sunday School Times.

One Knew from Experience

An English judge in India heard that a certain native, who formerly was a wealthy owner of an indigo farm, had confessed Christ, and was cast out of all his possessions. "Let him come to me," said the judge, "and if he is a true Christian, he will not mind working as the attendant-bearer of my little son." So Nordubur came. One evening at household prayers, the judge read from the English New Testament, "Every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, ...or wife, or children, or lands, for my name's sake, shall receive an hundred­fold." He thought a moment, and said, "Now, none of us has done this except one—Nordubur." He looked straight at the bearer and asked: "Will you tell us? Does this verse speak the truth?" Quietly Nordubur spoke. "I have not much possession now," he confessed, "but I do have a new peace and joy. Christ says He gives a hundredfold. I know He gives a thousand-fold."—Secret Place.

His Scripture

A young man who was driven out of western China during the riots, years ago, was the treasurer of our mission there, and there were others farther up than he who needed silver to pay their way out. He saw that they were cared for, and then started down the river himself. The rioters overtook him, boarded his boat, and he jumped overboard. They began to spear at him in the water. He would dart under the boat and come up on the other side, only to find another spear shot at him. Down he would go again, and up again, until his case became hopeless. Finally he struck out for the shore, and as he stood in the face of the surrounding mob, the chief said, "Let him go," and they melted away. When he was asked to tell his story at Northfield on Missionary Day, he said, "Some friends have been curious to know what particular text of Scripture came to me when I was down under that boat. Scripture text? The Lord Himself was there." And every one who heard him speak knew that the Lord was there indeed.Sunday School Times.

Not Worthy

Some years ago, when Japan was taking over Korea, and was bitterly perse­cuting many of the leading Christians by carrying them off to Japanese jails, believers who were not arrested felt that by this very fact they were somehow lacking in their Christianity. A native Methodist pastor went to a missionary with the complaint: "Maksa, there must be something wrong in our Methodist church. I fear we are lacking in faith. There are thirty-seven Presbyterians in jail, and only one Methodist. I fear the Lord does not count us wor­thy to suffer persecution."Sunday School Times.

Persecution's Blessing

The work among Jewish refugees in Shanghai, in which the Christian Alliance is engaged, is bearing fruit. From eighty to a hundred Jews attend these meetings, and recently nineteen men and eleven women were baptized, all wearing white Chinese gowns. Some of them were men of fine education, with good homes and good incomes in their European countries, and all say that if it had not been for the persecution they never would have found Christ. One brother still limps as a result of the bayonet stabs in the leg which were given him in Germany.Sunday School Times.

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