Place Sermon Illustrations

Place Sermon Illustrations

In speaking once of officers who had fallen in battle fighting against the flag of their country, General McClellan referred to Marino Falieri, the doge of Venice, who after great services to his country as a soldier and statesman was convicted of treason and put to death. On the wall of the doges' palace at Venice where the portraits of the rulers hang, in the place which belonged to Falieri, instead of his portrait, there is an empty space covered with a black canvas.

His Own Place

Dr. Alexander Dickson quaintly suggests the following analysis of the verse—`That he might go to his own place'

  1. Every man has his own place, here and hereafter.

  2. Every man makes his own place, here and hereafter.

  3. Every man finds his own place, here and hereafter.

  4. Every man feels that it is his own place when he gets there.

(Acts 1. 25)

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