Provision Sermon Illustrations

Provision Sermon Illustrations

One of the many interesting stories of the Bible is that of Elijah and the ravens. You remember that God sent ravens to bring His servant food, when he was at the brook, hiding from Ahab. Sometimes we seem to think that such wonderful things happened long ago, but that they do not happen anymore. But in this we are mistaken. God still cares for His people. He is always near, when they need Him.

David Brainerd was a famous missionary who went to the Indians to preach the Gospel. As a result of his labors, many of the Indians found their Savior. Brainerd was a man of prayer. In his diary he tells of his experiences on his many travels. And he often mentions how the Lord heard and answered his prayers.

One day, on one of his many journeys to visit an Indian tribe, he was overtaken by a severe storm. He looked for a place of shelter and eventually found one in a hollow log of a very large tree. While there, he prayed for the Indians and also that the Lord would take care of him and his needs.

When meal time came, he was hungry, but there was nothing to eat. He noticed a squirrel approaching the tree. The squirrel chattered a while. When the little animal disappeared, Brainerd noticed that he had left a few nuts behind. The missionary ate those nuts.

Three days the storm continued, and for three days Brainerd remained in the log. Each day the squirrel came to deposit some nuts at the entrance. David Brainerd knew that the Lord had sent that squirrel.—Indian Christian

(1 Kings 17. 5-7; Phil. 4. 19)

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