PTA Sermon Illustrations

PTA Sermon Illustrations

At a PTA meeting in Hollywood the other night, one youngster was extremely proud—he had more parents there than any other child.—Laugh Book

Note on a PTA bulletin board: "'Tis better to have loved and lost than to have to do homework for three kids."

Small boy to father: "There's a special PTA meeting tonight—just you, my teacher, and the principal."—The Amplifier, Mansfield, Ohio

You'd like some fame to come your way?
You've only known rejection?
Well, just stay home from PTA
The night they hold election!—Kay Nelson, Better Homes and Gardens

Did you hear about the lady upon returning from a PTA meeting who was heard to remark, "That Mrs. Uppity thinks she knows so much. Over and over she referred to the 'intelligence quota' of the children; intelligence quota, imagine. Why everybody knows that IQ stands for 'Intelligence Quiz.' "

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