Public Relations Sermon Illustrations

Public Relations Sermon Illustrations

The pressure of public opinion has been compared with the pressure of atmosphere; you can't see it, but it's there just the same; 14.7 pounds to the square inch.—Speech by William Werner

Too many school administrators use public relations techniques like a spare tire—only in emergencies.—M. Dale Baughman

We feel that a good Public Relations program is born of an appreciation of your public and a desire to serve and be a part of your community. Certainly techniques are used but they are only by-products. Techniques as ends in themselves serve no useful purpose . . . . —F. H. Matthiesen, Principal, Principal's Letter

Public relations is a preventive medicine, not a deodorant to be sprayed around where it stinks.—Kenneth Haagensen, Illinois Education

If there is one enterprise in all "educationdom" that a "fritterer" should not touch, it is public relations. The public relations function must be handled by someone who can stick like a stamp to a letter. Returns do not come quickly nor in jerks but rather over an extended period of time in a steady pull.—M. Dale Baughman

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