School Buildings Sermon Illustrations

School Buildings Sermon Illustrations

We shape our buildings and thereafter they shape us.—Winston Churchill

The architecture of schools has seemed to complete a cycle. Now, modem school buildings, like the early one-room structure, are built mostly on one floor. The experience of fire hazard and noise in the vertical buildings, popular about the turn of the century, prompted this return to tradition.—Sunshine Magazine

As the new educational plant probably will serve the area for several generations–you can figure on from 75 to 100 years– it is a long-term investment for the taxpayers. The campus, there-fore, must be selected with even more care than an intelligent citizen would give to the choosing of his own home site.—As told to Vernon MacPherson, in "Where Shall We Build" by Arol Burns, Director of Real Estate, Los Angeles City Schools

It is unquestionably safer in the long run and cheaper to build school rooms and not use them than it is to need rooms and not have them.—M. Dale Baughman

Buildings have personalities; some by their immense dignity speak almost as music speaks, and change anxiety to trust.

Ventilation: "In every schoolhouse without proper means of ventilation, there is a slow and subtle (sic) poison which enters the blood and brains of the pupils and saps the very foundation of life. There can be no escape from its deleterious influences, for exposure to it is violation of one of the laws of Gad!"

Sex: "In most cases, it will be observed, a double porch, with separate entrances for boys and girls, has been provided, and this arrangement is regarded as highly important. It prevents the possi bility of improper communication between the two sexes, while passing in and out of the schoolroom."—Architecture, Ventilation and Furnishing of School Houses

Some low cost school buildings are like a courthouse rest¬room—they serve a purpose but aesthetic values are lacking.—M. Dale Baughman

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