Shadows Sermon Illustrations

Shadows Sermon Illustrations

Shadows and Substance

I need no earthly altar,
I need no earthly priest,
I need no earthly fasting,
I need no earthly feast.

I need no earthly temple,
I need no sabbath day;
As substance of the good things came,
The shadows passed away.

The altar spoke of sacrifice—
On it the lamb was slain:
The altar cross of Calvary
Makes other altars vain.

And fasts and feasts are blended
With such stupendous skill
They now consist in simply this—
The doing of God's will.

The earthly temple passed away—
'Twas built of cold, dead stones:
In place God builds a new abode,
But 'tis of living stones.

The earthly Sabbath passed away,
A shadow at its best.
The substance came in One Who said,
`Come unto Me and rest.'—F. H. Oakley

(Col. 2. 17; Heb. 8. 5)

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