Tracts Sermon Illustrations

Tracts Sermon Illustrations

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Does Tract Distribution Pay?

At a London "May Meeting," Rev. Dr. Len G. Broughton said: Some years ago one of the most brilliant young American actors that the stage had, was walking the streets of one of our Western cities one night, on his way to the theater, and as he turned a corner, near the theater, a humble woman, whose name has never been known, handed him a tract, and out of respect to the woman he put the tract in his overcoat pocket, never expecting to read it. He went to his hotel after he had performed in the theater, and somehow he got hold of the tract, and he said, "I believe I'll see what this tract is about," and he began to read it, and found it so interesting that he could not quit it. When he had finished the tract, he went to bed, and began to think along the lines of its teaching and somehow he found it impossible to sleep that night. All through the night the teaching of that tract kept wandering through his mind. Next morning he endeavored to dismiss it from his thoughts, and gave himself over to the rehearsal for the coming night, but he could not get it out of his mind, he could not sufficiently fix his mind on rehearsing his part, and presently it ended in his consulting a minister. He told him his experience, and the minister began, when he had done, to preach to him Jesus, and that brilliant young Western American actor then and there bowed his heart and yielded to Jesus. Five months after that he entered a theological seminary to prepare himself for the Christian ministry, and a few years ago George C. Lorimer, the pastor of Tremont Temple in Boston, went home to meet his God; and if he could stand on this platform tonight, he would say one of the greatest unused forces in the Christian Church today, is the tract.—Evangelistic Echoes.

Sister Abigail, while traveling on a ferry boat, put a Gospel tract in a bottle and threw it in the river. Some days later a shabbily dressed stranger with that very bottle in his hand stood at her door. He confided that he was about to commit suicide in the river when he saw the floating bottle. The Scripture verses found in the bottle so convicted him of his need of Christ that he came to see Sister Abigail, whose name appeared on the tract. Thus, this man who had been on the brink of eternal death passed into eternal life.—Gospel Herald.

Saved by a Tract

We feel strongly that there is a great need of causing all Bible-loving Christians to realize the importance of distributing the Gospel message in print, and thereby combating the many errors that are propagated so largely by various religious cults and atheistic organizations, as well as arousing the careless and indifferent. One of the "weak things" which God is pleased to use is a Gospel tract—a little piece of paper on which is printed His Word—given in faith and love to the passer-by.

The following incident shows that God blesses such a ministry:

Recently a young Lithuanian was ordained to the Gospel ministry in Chicago. He had passed a creditable examination as to his salvation, his call to the ministry, and his knowledge of the Bible. This, in brief, is his story:

He was reared in the Roman Catholic faith in his native land. He came to this country when quite young. He became a confirmed gambler; one night in desperation he made a last plunge, and lost. After midnight he left the gambling hall intending to end it all in the lake. Walking down the street, someone handed him a tract entitled, "The Way of Life Made Plain." This tract has a diagram illustrating the two ways, the broad and the narrow—with the Red Cross at the parting of the ways. It shows clearly the need of salvation, bringing the reader to the definite question, "Which way do you choose?"

The young Lithuanian stopped to look at the leaflet that had been given him. He read: "We must all meet God. Are you prepared? Are you saved? This is a very important question. Your happiness or misery for all eternity is involved in it." He was startled by the word "eternity" which seemed to stand out in bold letters. He was convicted of his lost condition and of his great need. He continued reading. He saw the way of life clearly pointed out. He called upon the Lord to save him, and God heard his cry. The work was begun in his heart, and soon he was rejoicing in the consciousness of sins forgiven and a new life imparted. He is now devoting all of his time in telling his fellow countrymen the good news of salvation by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.—Selected.

The Right to Distribute Tracts

Tract Distributors are sometimes hindered in their work by town and city officials. Sometimes they are forbidden to give out Christian literature from house to house. Many towns and cities have passed ordinances against such distribution. In the light of a Supreme Court decision, such ordinances are wrong, and any local official who stop; tract distribution has not only gone beyond his power, but has interfered with the liberty of the distributor.

In an opinion rendered by Chief Justice, the Honorable Charles E. Hughes, on March 28, 1938, in the case of Lovell versus the City of Griffin, Ga. (see Volume 58, No. 12, April 15, 1938), the following was said:

"The liberty of the press is not confined to newspapers and periodicals. It necessarily embraces pamphlets and leaflets. Liberty of circulation is as essential to that freedom as liberty of publishing. Indeed, without the circulation, the publication would be of little value."—Courtesy Moody Monthly.

Tracts Never Die

Just before a young man was about to embark from the United States as a marine, a woman put in his trunk a single tract. It lay in his trunk neglected for many months traveling thousands of miles in the world's waterways. Returning to this country years later, he was doing shore duty when he found the tract while rummaging through his trunk. To pass the time he read it. His conscience became aroused until he finally accepted Christ as Saviour.

Unlike a sermon, the message of a tract can be printed over and over again into millions of copies and the Word of Life can reach the far corners of the earth. When you give out a tract, you may never know how the Lord may use it. It may pass from hand to hand. It may go around the world. Its message may bring life to countless souls. Tracts never die... and every Christian has the privilege and responsibility of distributing them.

Tracts Bring Joy into Your Life

Doctor Sunshine is her name. She is a little old woman of 76 whom God saved. Handicapped, living alone, the Lord led her into tract work. She became known as Doctor Sunshine because of the joy in her own life and the sunshine which she brought into the hearts and homes of others. If you have never before given out tracts, we believe a new joy in the Christian life awaits you if you will start. By witnessing with tracts God can sweeten your day. Your fellowship with the Lord will be more precious and you will feel that you have tried to make Christ known by means of the printed page.

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