Tracts Sermon Illustrations

Tracts Sermon Illustrations

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Every Christian Can Use Tracts

The housewife, the farmer, the business man, the factory worker... no matter what your position in life... there are multitudes of opportunities to give out tracts. Get in the habit of carrying tracts with you at all times. If you are a housewife, keep a tract box near the door. If you are a business man, always keep tracts in your letter folder. If you are a factory worker, keep a supply in your lunch box or in your jacket pockets. Look for opportunities to give out tracts. Give them on the elevator. Give them on the train, the bus, the street car. Put tracts in your letters. Send them with your checks and bills. Encourage the placing and the maintenance of a tract rack in your church. Encourage other Christians to use tracts. Show them titles that you have enjoyed using.—Clyde H. Dennis, Director, Tract Club of America.

Only a Tract

Yes, only a tract, but what wonders it can accomplish when it falls into the hands of a hungry heart. It is like the seed that falls upon good ground and takes root, springing up to bear much fruit. But the seed in itself is powerless and without value apart from the soil, and it can only be brought into contact with the soil through the sower. A marvelous illustration of this is the following experience.

In connection with her work among the Jewish people of St. Louis, Miss M. was visiting a friend in the hospital. While engaged in conversation, a woman patient across the room asked, "Do you carry your Bible with you to read to people who wish to hear?"

"Yes," was the answer.

Soon Miss M. was reading Psalm 27 to the woman, quoting also other Scriptures. Then she prayed with her.

The woman expressed deep appreciation for the interest shown her. After a heart-to-heart talk she realized her need of the Saviour, and then gave herself to Him. She was to be dismissed from the hospital that day and Miss M. desiring to help her find a church home where she might receive nourishment for her soul, handed her the tract, Who Is He? on which she wrote her name and telephone number.

Several days later, this friend called Miss M. and requested that she visit her. She had given that tract to a Jewish man, who had read it, and it had made a powerful impression on him. He asked if he might see Miss M. Of course she was glad of the opportunity, and the young Christian arranged the interview.

At the very outset of their visit, Miss M. asked the man, "What do you think of this Jesus of whom the tract speaks?"

His immediate reply was, "There must be something to it. I have never been more stirred in my life. How can it be false with so many indisputable proofs from prophecy and history that He is the true Messiah for whom my people have been looking so long."

Needless to say, this confession brought untold joy to the heart of the faithful worker. Several days later the man phoned her, requesting a prayer book. She gave him a copy of the New Testament instead, for which he was most grateful, and he promised to read it carefully. The worker took the occasion to help make the plan of salvation clearer, and he expressed his full intention to follow the Lord at any cost. A short time later he made a public profession of faith.

Here we have one of the most thrilling accounts of the marvelous leading of the Holy Spirit and the power of the silent witness. A follower of Christ visits in the hospital; a patient overhears and finds the Saviour. She in turn is immediately used to give an unbelieving Jew a little tract.

Only a tract, you say? Yes, but what marvels it can accomplish! In the hospitals. on the streets, in your office, in school, in the house next door — everywhere there are those who are waiting for someone to speak a word, or to hand them a tract which might start them on the upward road.—Rev. Jacob Gartenhaus; courtesy Moody Monthly.

His Head Was in a Noose

There went out a sower to sow (Mark 4:3). Mark J. Goodger, the "Highway Bible Evangelist," covers the United States every year on a bicycle, giving out tracts from door to door. At one two-story house in South Carolina he rang the bell six times because he heard sounds within. Finally a man opened the door, received the tract, and slammed the door violently in Mr. Goodger's face. A week later he was strangely led to ring the bell of the same house. This time, the man soon appeared. He led Mr. Goodger up to the attic. At the top. Mr. Goodger immediately saw a rope dangling from the rafters, a noose at the end, and a box below. The man said, "Sir, when yom kept ringing my doorbell last week my head was in that noose. I was ready to jump. Because you were so persistent, I decided to go down and see who it was. After receiving your tract, I again returned to the garret, but I sat down because I was arrested by the title of your tract. I read the tract, and God spoke to me. Now I am trusting in the Lord." As the man sat on the box, Mr. Goodger seized his opportunity to show him clearly the way of salvation. But for a tract, the man would have been in eternity without Christ.—Moody Church News.

God's Use of an Oyster

A professional diver said he had in his house what would probably strike a visitor as a very strange chimney ornament. It was the shell of an oyster holding a piece of a printed paper. The possessor of this ornament was diving on the coast when he observed at the bottom of the sea this oyster on a rock with a piece of paper in its mouth, which he detached and commenced to read through the goggles of his headdress. It was a Gospel tract! Coming to him so strangely and unexpectedly it so impressed him that he said, "I can't hold out against God's mercy in Christ any longer, since it pursues me thus." And there in the ocean depths he became a repentant man, accepted Christ, and was assured that his sins were forgiven. "Saved at the bottom of the sea" is his testimony. Is it not wonderful that God can use even an oyster as His messenger? Perhaps God is forced to use oysters when men fail. Let's get busy for God.—Christian Victory.

Guided to Read

God's guidance, as with Israel, leads into spiritually enriching experience, rich fruitage and at times into miraculous God - honoring victories. Wilberforce was guided to read, Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul by Doddridge. It led him to Christ, and through this came freedom to all slaves in the British Empire. Sir Walter Scott, guided to read Dr. Watts' Hymn Book for Children, was saved from suicide and a lost eternity. William Carey, guided to read, Captain Cook's Voyages, was led as a missionary to India where he gave the Bible to over 200,000,000 million people in different languages. Henry Martyn, guided to read Carey's Published Letters, went to India and Persia, Adoniram Judson, guided to read Buchanan's Star in the East, went to Burma. David Livingstone, being guided to read Dr. Dick's Philosophy of a Future State, went to his great work in Africa.

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