Yielding Sermon Illustrations

Yielding Sermon Illustrations

Yielding to God

'Why am I not happy?' inquired a wealthy lady as she stood beside the missionary, Dr. Goforth of China, in her home.

`Have you surrendered all?' enquired the man of God, quietly.

`Yes, as far as I know, I have surrendered all,' responded the woman.

`Are you sure?' insisted Dr. Goforth, `that your all is on the altar?'

`My all is on the altar, I believe,' answered the woman again.

`And you are willing for God to take your little girl here and send her to China?' asked the missionary, placing his hand on her head.

`God take my daughter and make her a missionary in China! I should say not. I want her with me,' exclaimed the mother.

`And yet you tell me you have yielded all, and you haven't even given your own child to God. How can you expect God's blessing and peace and joy? You stand as it were between God and His will for your daughter, and you say to Him, "Thus far shalt Thou come and no farther. You can have my home; You can have my money; You can have me, but—don't touch my daughter." Madam do you call that surrender?'

(Mark 12. 44; Rom. 6. 13; 12. 1; Phil. 3. 8)

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