Spiritual Magnetism

Spiritual Magnetism


No man can come to me, except the Father . . . draw him (John 6:44). And I, if I be lifted up . . . will draw all men unto me (John 12:32). . . . gather the wheat into my barn  (Matthew 13:30).

Purpose of the Illustration

  1. To point out the fact that Christians differ from sinners, and though they live together and work together still they are not the same.

  2. To show that in the end the sinner and the saint will be separated, that Christ will draw His own unto Himself.


  1. A magnet. This may be taken from the coil of an old Model T Ford, usually to be found in an auto wrecking yard. War surplus magnets are now available and may be purchased at stores handling such supplies. Model T coils are increasingly difficult to obtain.

  2. Iron tacks.

  3. Brass or copper rivets or washers or any small pieces of brass or copper. You may cut into bits a piece of copper wire, if the rivets are not available.

Chemicals: No chemicals are required.

Method of Procedure

  1. Mix the tacks and rivets, washers or bits of cop­per on a board or piece of glass.

  2. Move the magnet over the pile of metals.


  1. The   iron   tacks   are   attracted   to   the   magnet.

  2. The copper or brass materials are unattracted.


  1. The stronger your magnet the better will be the results.

  2. You may also use larger pieces of iron, or even iron filings. These will represent different types of individuals and all have the one necessary qualification—they are of iron, as the Christian must be of Christ, or have the Christ nature within, to be drawn to the magnet.

  3. It is better to use pieces of metal which look somewhat alike, so that when you use the magnet the fact that it draws the iron will not be so evident.

"Well, Bill, he looks like anybody else to me," said a friend about a new person who had just taken a job on the assembly line o£ an airplane factory. "But they tell me he's different."

"Just wait and see," returned the friend, as he went about the duties of running his drop hammer.

It was this "wait and see" that made all the difference in the world. Christians may work with others, and their outward appearance may be similar, but inwardly there is a vital distinction. There is something within to which Christ appeals and which responds to His drawing power.

Lay out your apparatus, I want to show you what I mean when I say Christians have something within their hearts which responds to Christ's drawing power. This is an ordinary magnet, but I want it to represent the power of Christ to draw certain types of persons to it. And here are pieces of metal which stand for various kinds of persons. Some of these have a nature to which Christ can appeal, or a vital element or spiritual quality that responds to the pull of Christ upon their soul.   You could not pick them out from the others.

This pile of metals represents a group of people who work side by side, live on the same street, go to the same grocery store and pay the same kind of taxes.

But inwardly there is a vital difference between them, inwardly the Christian is quite different from the others. It is the inner spirit, the changed heart, the likeness to Christ which sets him apart from others.

Those who belong to Christ know Him, for He said, "My sheep hear my voice." They respond to Him, follow and abide with Him. They are His and He is their Redeemer.

And in the last day they shall be separated from the wicked by the Spirit's drawing power. Christ said that the wheat and the tares should be permitted to grow together until the harvest time or the end of the world, and then those which are Christ's shall be gathered to Him.

As I pass this magnet over these metals some of them remain dead, unresponsive. They are the wicked who do not respond to Christ's power to draw. Jesus said, "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." He is a great magnet, who draws men unto Himself.

Pass the magnet over the metals. See what happens: Those made of iron respond  to  the magnet's power. They represent Christians, who, as the iron jumps to the magnet, will be drawn to Christ at the time of His "glorious appearing."

The hour of the great separation will come, when those who are Christ's will be called to Him. They are like Him, washed in His own blood and hence when His Spirit draws they will respond. This is because they have been fashioned in Christ's image.

If there are two Christians in a crowd of people who are working together for any length of time, these Christians will be drawn together. Like attracts like, and as Christians they find friendship only in those who have the Christ nature within. The magnet draws iron to itself, and not copper. Thus Christ draws those who are like Him, and because they are like Him, they are attracted to each other.

Some people are drawn by other things. Gold had a greater attraction for Judas than the Master, and gold became the center of his ambition. For Solomon wisdom was the attraction, but it was wisdom which dropped to "vanity and vexation of spirit." Paul speaks of Demas who forsook him, "having loved this present world." Such things, tangible and intangible, become magnets which draw followers now as in Bible days.

Today many young persons are attracted as by a mighty magnet to the movies, to dances, to drinking parties, to all-night frolics where evil abounds. They do not have the Christ nature and are not drawn to the Master; they find pleasure in the things of this world.

True Christians keep their eyes on Christ, who is the Magnet which attracts them. All other forces and powers lose their strength when they "behold the beauty of the Lord," and keep near Him.

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