Charged With the Holy Spirit

Charged With the Holy Spirit


And when the day of Pentecost was fully come , . . they were all filled with the Holy Ghost . . . and the same day there were added unto them about three thousand souls (Acts 2:1,4,41).

Purpose of the Illustration

  1. To point out that we need to be charged by the Spirit's power to enable us to win souls.

  2. To show that the most insignificant materials, when used by the Spirit, become powerful in God's work.

  3. To indicate that we must be connected with Christ in a vital way before the Holy Spirit can use us as channels to carry His message to the lost world.


  1. Two large-sized dry cells.

  2. A piece of bright metal about the size of a sheet of typewriter paper.

  3. Three feet of copper wire.

  4. Sheet of writing paper.


  1. Solution of starch.

  2. Potassium iodide.

Method of Procedure

  1. Connect the dry cells in the following manner: (a) Connect the positive or center pole of the first dry cell to the negative or outer pole of the second, (b) From the outer or negative pole of the first connect a copper wire to the upper right hand corner of the metal sheet, (c) To the center pole of the second cell connect a wire about a foot or more long with which to write upon the metal.

  2. Boil a teaspoonful of starch in one cup of water.

  3. To this add a teaspoonful of potassium iodide.

  4. Stir the mixture well.

  5. Immerse a sheet of paper in this mixture and leave it until it is saturated.

  6. Spread the paper on the metal.

  7. Finally use the free end of the copper wire as a pencil to write a message upon the paper-covered metal.

Chemical Reaction

  1. Wherever the writing wire touches the paper-covered metal it will leave a jet black mark.


  1. Be Certain that your connections are in the order given above.

  2. Keep connections tight.

  3. Be sure the starch-iodide solution covers the paper so that there is no question about its thorough saturation.


  1. The electric charge coming through the wires represents the power of the Holy Spirit which enables believers to work for Christ.

  2. The dry cells stand for God and Christ.

  3. The paper-covered metal is yourself, who is to receive the power of the Holy Spirit.

  4. Or the wires may represent you as the Christian worker who is to carry the Spirit's current or power to the world.

(If you will use three sets of apparatus instead of one, and use three differently colored sheets of paper, you can add the idea of different types of people whom the Holy Spirit empowers. Be sure, however, that each color of paper receives the writing charge and is legible; also that there is nothing in the coloring of the paper to neutralize the starch-iodide solution. This can be ascertained at home when you practice the experiment. Allow longer time for the experiment in this case.)

Christians need the empowering of the Holy Spirit to accomplish the soul-winning task Christ has set for them. Too often they try to labor in their own strength and their results are weak and of little worth. Sometimes a dynamic personality, without the Spirit, will try to substitute personal power or magnetism for the Holy Spirit. But the  accomplishments, spiritually, are nil.

Set up your apparatus. God is seeking for the highest type of people to carry on His work, but the supreme test of usableness by the Holy Spirit is whether or not one is thoroughly consecrated to Christ and His kingdom. There is no substitute for this dedication of self to God. Education and natural ability are excellent in themselves but powerless to produce spiritual results except when submitted to the Holy Spirit's empowering.

Saturate the paper in the solution as you speak. I would like to show you what God wants to do with you. In these dry cells is stored electric energy or power. They represent God's storehouse of available energy or power for us to use in carrying on the kingdom's work. Without the connections of these pieces of wire the power remains stored up and unusable. Thus it is when a person tries to work for God but is not connected with Him. The lines are down and though he labors, it is in vain.

These wires are the means by which the vital electric energy of the divine storehouse (or dry cells) flows to us. We shall let the paper-covered metal represent us collectively. We are to receive the divine message, become usable by God, as on the day of Pentecost when Spirit-filled apostles were used to bring a message to the world.

Begin to write on the metal. Write words from the text, such as Power, Holy Ghost, Pentecost. When the connections are proper, when they are in the right order, when they are tight, the current will flow from the dry cells to the writing end of the wire. This makes it possible to write with the black color on the white sheet of ' paper.

But if I connect the cells other than the way I have done—change your connections—there is no current flowing through the wires and I cannot write. It is so with our lives. We must be connected properly through the forgiveness of our sins, through a deeply consecrated life, and by deeds of Christian living, prayer and testimony to become the means or wires through which the Holy Spirit can flow and touch the world.

As you are able to read the message I have written, so the world receives God's divine message through our lives only when we are in vital touch with Him through the Holy Spirit's indwelling. How powerless we are without this spiritual endowment from on high. The promise is, "Ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses . . ."

It requires the Holy Spirit's power to make witnesses for Christ. Too often people try to witness, testify, preach, sing, in their own power, but the results are insignificant from the standpoint of spiritual worth.

Praying Hyde went to India to convert the heathen, but for a long time the results of his work were dis­appointing for few were won to the' Master. His spiritual connections with God were poor, and the Holy Spirit could not flow through him to reach the natives. Then he began to pray for hours at a time, all night, for ten days without ceasing, and at length all night for thirty nights in succession. God came upon him through the Spirit's endowment, and Hyde began to ask God for a convert a day, and this prayer was answered. Finally he asked for an average of two a day throughout the year. God answered. Then he asked for three and more each day. The Holy Spirit came upon him and these requests were answered.

And on the mission field today there still exist the results of Hyde's connection with God through prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit in his life. The inspiration of his prayer, his life, was felt throughout India.

Said a McCormick Seminary classmate about Hyde, "We little expected him to become such a mighty soul-winner. We thought he might fill an ordinary pulpit in the homeland in an ordinary way. But God came upon him."

It is this "God-coming-upon-us experience which permits the free flow of the Holy Spirit through our lives. Whoever we are, whatever our past and background, however great or insignificant our abilities, when we are charged with the Holy Spirit, empowered for service by Him, thoroughly cleansed of sin by His incoming, then God will use us for His glory.

In his first sermons Bud Robinson stammered and stuttered so much that he found it difficult to make himself understood. But the Holy Spirit filled him, and before the end of his eighty years—more than sixty of which were spent in God's ministry—he had won many souls for Christ. His books had sold into the millions, and the articles that he wrote had gone in the thousands. He had won hundreds of ministers and missionaries to Christ, and trained a hundred or more for the pulpit at his own expense. God used the ordinary materials in Bud's life to achieve extraordinary results. All this came about by the Holy Spirit flowing freely through the stammering tongue, and so the Heavenly Father is willing to use you, if you will only become connected to Him in such a manner as to become a consecrated channel through which the Holy Spirit can work.

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