Transferring Christ's Image Into the Heart

Transferring Christ's Image Into the Heart


If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him (John 14:23).

Purpose of the Illustration

  1. To visualize for the audience, especially for the children, the fact that by their keeping God's commandments Christ will abide in their hearts.

  2. To illustrate that by living with Christ and near Christ we take on the likeness of Christ. His image may be stamped upon our lives to such an extent that we appear like Him.


  1. A printed picture of Christ, taken from a news­paper or magazine. This should be in black and white for the best results.

  2. A printed dollar symbol, $.

  3. A large container, holding about a half-gallon.

  4. Two pieces of white paper, larger than the pic­ture of Christ which is to be transferred onto one of them.

  5. A rounded instrument, such as a bottle, rolling pin or bowl of a large spoon, with which to rub the transfer.

  6. Quart of warm water.


  1. One ounce of white soap flakes.

  2. Half-pint of turpentine.

  3. Half-teaspoonful of aromatic spirits of ammonia.

  4. Ten drops of kerosene.

Method of Procedure

  1. Draw an outline of a heart on both of the sheets of white paper; make them larger than the image of Christ which is to be transferred to the one sheet.

  2. Dissolve the soap flakes into the quart of warm water.

  3. Add in this order the following: (a) the turpentine; (b) the ammonia; (c) the kerosene.

  4. You now have a liquid which may be used to transfer any black-and-white printed object to white paper.

  5. Moisten the picture of Christ in this solution.

  6. Place the printed side of the picture upon the paper to which the transfer is to be made.

  7. Rub the damp picture back and forth with the rounded instrument until you are sure the transfer has been made. The amount of rubbing necessary should be determined by previous home experimentation.

Chemical Reactions

  1. By the mixture of soap and chemicals you have made a transfer liquid.

  2. The chemical reaction of this solution upon the print serves to transfer the copy to the white paper.

  3. You thus have the picture of Christ superim­posed upon the heart.

Cautions and Representations

  1. Care should be taken not to spill any of the ingredients or the completed solution.

  2. Also, you must be careful when you make the transfer that you do not shift the picture and thus blur it. Hold the transfer picture firmly in place until you remove it from the paper.

  3. The heart represents our hearts in which Christ said He and the Father would make Their abode.

  4. Of course the picture of Christ represents Christ living in the heart of one who keeps His commandments and is a child of God.

Time your talk and the experiment through practice at home. Proceed with your message while you do the preliminary work of the experiment.

I want to show you how Christ can take up His abode in our hearts. He has promised to live with us, if we love Him and keep His commandments. Here is a picture of Jesus, and I am going to transfer it to this picture of a heart. Christ will not live in a sinful life or heart. He wants a heart out of which everything that is not pleasing to Him has been driven. This comes through the forgiveness of our sins.

Make the transfer. Watch carefully, for I am going to transfer Christ's image to this heart. When you have finished, hold up the original picture, and show how it has been transferred to the heart. There it is, Christ in your life and heart. If we live as Jesus would have us, His image will be so imprinted upon our lives and hearts that others will recognize our Christ-likeness. This is being the true light of the world, and followers of God.

Some people would rather have worldly images on their hearts than the image of Christ. Transfer the dollar symbol to the second heart. See, some people live and work only for money, and in the end their hearts have only dollar signs on them.
We become like that for which we strive and seek. Make Christ's image the only one that will be found on your heart when the great Judgment Day arrives.

(This illustration may be made more effective in a number of ways. For example, if you are an artist you might outline a full-sized boy or girl on a heavy cardboard, and transfer the printed picture of Christ to the proper location on the cardboard child. This should be placed on an easel to show to the best advantage. Or you may draw several hearts of children and transfer different images to the different hearts. Money symbols, a liquor bottle, a frilly-haired girl to illustrate the desire for beauty, a mansion, and many other, objects may be used. This becomes a very telling illustration of the things which motivate people and when lengthened this way may be used by ministers for a morning service where young people predominate.)

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